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A comment from the better half

Apparently Meghan thought about suicide at some point. When other people were also having problems.

“Well, if you marry an actress there’s going to be some drama queening”

22 thoughts on “A comment from the better half”

  1. Talking of the royals, the fall out over the Bashir interview is revealing…

    “The BBC said it had made fundamental changes in governance since the 1990s…

    the corporation said there had been two substantial changes to how it is overseen since the time of the interview…

    It defended rehiring Bashir as religion editor in 2016…”

    Yep. Lots of change evident there. Rehired Bashir in 2016. Defends that decision in 2021.

  2. The BBC angle is terrific, they could be the scape goat for the whole royal disaster (deservedly, it seems, but whatevs).
    If it’s not the tipping point against them it’s a major shove to the edge.

  3. Meghan probably thought of suicide because the tough-guy soldier she was going to transform from a fun-loving lad into a strong husband turned out to be a past-haunted wetter who couldn’t cope.

    They deserve one another.

  4. PJF,

    Nah. The Royal family did it to themselves. To try and pin the blame on Bashir or the BBC, like that’s pivotal is utter bollocks. That marriage was doomed from the start. She was a needy mess, he wanted to be shagging Camilla.

    The whole institution is redundant. I don’t have a problem with the idea of a group of people who are our betters, but they should be alphas, not this bunch of weird looking, incompetent halfwits. It worked in the old days, because kings would set their armies against each other. So we probably need some sort of challenge by duel by sword, where we can replace them with a new monarchy.

  5. Ok, the BBC didn’t kill Diana but they did forge the bank statements with intent to deceive (note: not ‘mocked up’; FORGED). They also fired and harassed for decades any staff member who questioned it, and covered up their behaviour in a risible enquiry.

    Not one head will roll as a result.

  6. I think I’m starting to grasp why Harry couldn’t get to marry all those other women he met like lingerie models. Because despite the huge fortune, he’s mental. But he got a golddigger whose career was about over.

    And I don’t believe she felt this way. She’s an actress, they love attention, and are used to being in the public eye. She’s just pushing Harry’s buttons.

    The divorce is going to be epic.

  7. If it’s true that William has, in a public statement, referred to his mother’s paranoia then he rises in my opinion. It’s a good thing to accept reality (though it may not always be a good thing to discuss it in public).

    As for Harry: he should have paid attention when Philip said that actresses were for stepping out with, not for marrying.

  8. I don’t believe a word either of them say; they appear to be people who are suited to being celebrity influencers and little else. I daresay she’ll bin him once the likes of Oprah have got enough out of him 🙁

  9. Bloke on M4, I was thinking of the current disaster rather than the one of the previous generation. But no matter, I don’t care if the BBC is responsible for either; just that they get blamed for it.

    Boris showing his meeja colours by not piling on.

  10. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Is there, seriously, anyone over the age of 13, especially a girl, who has _never_ “thought about suicide”?

  11. Speaking only for myself, I can honestly say that I have never for even a second thought about topping myself. Not once in 62 years.

  12. Apologies for being OT but does anyone know what is happening at Samizdata? They appear to have been offline all day today and for most of yesterday.

  13. Samiz was functioning well enough earlier today. There’s times I need a dose of tedious waffle to put the world into perspective & Paul Marks can usually be relied on.

  14. @Stonyground

    Ah, but now you’ve thought about how you’ve not thought about suicide.

    That probably merits at least 15 minutes on the sofa with Oprah.

  15. Megan is a truly dangerous bit of work. I thought initially she was a run of the mill gold digger, but I think now she’s worse than that. She’s a full on narcissistic personality disorder. She actually believes that she deserves all that she has, and more. Anyone who doesn’t give her what’s she’s due is an enemy, and there is nothing she won’t do to defend her position. And what makes her so dangerous is her absolute belief in herself and what she is due. You could sit her down with the ten most eminent psychologists of the day to explain to her what she is doing and she would absolutely not believe them. She will of course destroy Harry and her poor kids, and not even understand what she has done. If only she really did contemplate suicide.

  16. My experience, a lot of physically attractive women don’t really have personalities. They don’t have much reason or opportunity to acquire one. They tend to be a deep gravity well of ME! ME! ME! other people orbit about. And orbital dynamics isn’t a bad way of understanding them. They’re often accompanied by a solar system of lesser bodies in stable orbits. Occasionally a body will be drawn in from outside on a parabolic trajectory, does a close half orbit around them then is flung off into the far reaches of the cosmos, never to be seen again. Or they encounter a body of similar mass to themselves (can be either sex) & they start orbiting round each other. Then it’s conservation of angular momentum. Closer they get the faster they spin until centrifugal force overcomes attraction & they fly apart dragging various satellites with them. Or very rarely they become so close they exceed their mutual Roche limits & merge into some deep dark black hole of self regard nothing escapes from.

  17. “She will of course destroy Harry and her poor kids.” – dunno about that. Kids have still got a chance. Whatever happened they would have had to forge non royal careers. And growing up in west coast USA with Mum and Dad friends with George Clooney and Oprah- arguably opens more doors than the mix of aristos and blue bloods in blighty.

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