About them football clubs

I think local authorities might have a large part to play as the custodian of golden shares that protect the community and fan base of football clubs against commercial predation.

Yes, why not, let’s make Liverpool, Everton, Bootle, City of Liverpool, AFC Liverpool, South Liverpool, Marine and Waterloo Dock all subject to the local council that we’ve just had to fire for rampant corruption over property development.

That’s a good idea, isn’t it?

In fact, it’s such a good idea that the local council should have the management share in every club, those that charge a fiver a game to play on the public grounds. Why not 5 a side?

This though needs planning.

Or shooting of course.

As in all companies, stakeholders need to be at the heart of football. A serious plan to make that possible is required, that fans can really subscribe to. I hope someone can deliver on this. And tat some big names – I am looking at you Gary Lineker – can get behind it.

Charles Pooter is alive and well.

22 thoughts on “About them football clubs”

  1. Gary Lineker is a c*nt.

    From a 56 years a Spurs fan (would’ve been lifelong but I grew up in an Irons household till I learned to think straight at 6 years old).

  2. There must be a price at which the Glazers, etc, would sell their ownership of their respective clubs. So why don’t the fans crowdfund the money to buy them out? Then they could see their clubs run the way they want, not subject to the whims of a billionaire.

    And, if fans don’t do this, is there any chance they’ll shut the fuck up once and for all?

  3. Barcelona and Real Madrid are ‘owned by their fans’. This didn’t stop them trying to join the ESL.

  4. “community”

    It’s temporary mercenaries from all 4 corners of the globe kicking a ball around, not local school choirs competing for a trophy or keeping the park nice for granny. It’s like saying that Iron Man is community because you go and watch it at the local Cineworld.

    People who take football that seriously that they’ll invade a pitch or get a banner printed are tragic. Like the worst of the Comic-Con people. Shit, I know people who do that who have quit going to particular Cons because they didn’t like the deal.

  5. The amount of sentimental tosh that attaches itself to football is quite enough to power a Green Revolution.

  6. Since Man U is valued at £2bn+ that’s an awful lot of beer money the fans would need to divvy up to get the Glazers interested. Not to mention the huge debts owed by the club.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Football fans, or at least those of the top 6 or 7 clubs, don’t want a share or for the local council to have one in their name, they want a sugar daddy who’ll keep dipping his hand in to his wallet without question. The only reason the Glazers are hated is because they refuse to do that.

    And what has Manyew got to do with Manchester, other than Old Trafford is based there? None of the playing staff are local, I doubt many, f any, of the coaching and other support staff such as physios are locals. The only locals on the payroll are likely to be cleaners.

    Same goes for fans, what percentage of those claiming to be Manyew in Lancashire, let alone Manchester? My guess is low single digits.

  8. I have no time for mugs who want to watch 22 morons chasing a bladder around a field but they should be left in peace to do so. Without having UK councils–some of the lowest most crooked and nasty shite ever to emerge from reality’s rectum–involving themselves.

    The only bright spot might be football yobs turning up to council meetings and beating the scum councillors.

    You can be sure that a fire would quickly be lit under Plod’s fat arse to ensure it didn’t happen again. Crime Comish Gordon’s across the UK would have the Plod signal lighting up the sky nightly for weeks afterwards.

  9. @aaa
    ManU made an annual profit of £44 million pre Covid. At a PE of 16 that makes them worth about £700 million. Would the Glazers accept an offer of 1 billion? Would anyone want to bid more than £500 million given all the crap they would have to put up with?

  10. Municipal ownership doesn’t seem to be the answer either. The one municipally owned football team in the U.S. is currently having ructions over their star player. This after having failed to reach the championship again last year.

  11. The only reason the Glazers are hated is because they refuse to do that.
    Not entirely true. It’s just that they have bought utter dross.
    Fellaini – £29m
    Rojo – £18m
    Danny Blind £15.75m
    Angel Di Maria – £67.5m
    Fatty Shaw – £33.75m
    Pogba – £93.2m
    Henrik Mkhitaryan – £26.3m
    Romelu Lukaku – £90m
    Alexis Sanchez – £30m (swap deal)
    Fred – £61.2m
    Harry Maguire – £80m
    Donny van de Beek – £39m

    All in all, since Ferguson left the Glazers have spent £1bn in transfer fees.

  12. Henry Crun,

    it’s not so much that they are dross ( well some of them are ), but it is more the case that they can’t play in England – Lukaku seems to be doing alright at Inter, even that twat DiMaria is OK at PSG. And you forgot Bastian Schweinsteiger, I mean really who came up with that one ? At least he was free, I suppose.

    And what do I care ? Well as a shareholder in a true fans’ club, ie AFC Wimbledon, I can celebrate our reaching 50points and having another year of barnstorming relegation avoidance in the Third Division. We spent years fighting Merton Council to be allowed to build a new stadium in the borough, so don’t talk to me about local authority involvement.

  13. “it’s not so much that they are dross ( well some of them are ), but it is more the case that they can’t play in England – Lukaku seems to be doing alright at Inter, even that twat DiMaria is OK at PSG. And you forgot Bastian Schweinsteiger, I mean really who came up with that one ? At least he was free, I suppose.”

    As a Liverpool fan I’ve spent the last 30 years (or at least until Klopp arrived) wondering if the purchasing procedure for players was some sort of lucky dip. Pick a player at random, pick a value at random and hope something goes right. Occasionally you pick out a Suarez or a Torres, most of the time you get Andy Carroll or Mario Balotelli. Its almost as if the managers have no clue as to a) what style and system of play they have in mind, and/or b) how the players they are buying would fit in to their current system. They just buy them on the back of a few videos of them playing plus what everyone else says, and one eye on needing to sign ‘marquee’ players to keep the fans happy. The idea of building a team of players that fit well together playing a coherent system of football regardless of their star status seems anathema to most professional football managers, even the ones in the top jobs. Its just a ‘He’s scored loads of goals so must be good, we must have him!’ attitude thats more akin to little boys playing Top Trumps than a multi-billion pound business.

    Its instructive that Liverpool’s current team includes a number of players who were freely available at lower end Premier league clubs for anyone sign (Van Dyke, Robertson, Milner, Wijnaldum, Jota etc etc), but no one did, and Klopp made the whole greater than sum of the parts. Rather in the way the Liverpool teams of old used to do, buy unheralded players from lower and faraway leagues who would end up as world beaters. It’ll be interesting to see if Klopp can turn his current woes around, but given he seems to have a clear vision of his style of football and the players that fit it, I’d back him to succeed.

  14. Fcuk local government involvement, whenever the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council got involved over the last 40 years, every single sport and clubs in the city went downhill…

  15. Jim

    Van Dijk was £75 million. Jota £45m. Wynaldum £25m. Surprised Watford didn’t snap them all up.

  16. “Van Dijk was £75 million. Jota £45m. Wynaldum £25m. Surprised Watford didn’t snap them all up.”

    My point is none of the other big clubs came in for them. Which would you prefer VVD for £75m or Harry Maguire for £80m? All the big clubs are spending serious amounts of money but seem to buy serious amounts of shit with it. There seems to be no quality assurance process they go through when spending these sums its just close your eyes and hope, or seems that way.

  17. The purchasing of players has two functions. One is to win on the pitch. For fans this is important, but for owners it is not.

    The second is to generate news about the club and so interest in the new players, which generates ticket and jumper sales. They need to be expensive or famous for that to work, so there is a perverse incentive to over-pay. Buying some young talent cheap and working with him through the years doesn’t get column inches.

    Everyone knows about Moneyball, but they aren’t interested in what it had to teach. They want to shine brightly, win or lose, not merely win more than average.

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