Accountant can’t count

The UK is a rich country. It has national wealth of at least £12 trillion.

That’s including the value of housing.

And our wealth should support this. Just offer decent interest rates on National Savings and the money would pour in.

We’re going to put our houses in the Green New Deal now?

5 thoughts on “Accountant can’t count”

  1. In other words he has made some bad investments and now wants the government to pay him an above market return for nothing!

  2. Maybe there’s a role in an independent Scotland for him flogging the Scottish N&I investment equivalent….

  3. But wasn’t housing, at least in P³-Vision™, both owned by people themselves and property of the State while double-taxing “Renters” and disowning Evil Landlords?

    Or was that last Tuesday? It’s hard to keep up sometimes..

  4. I think his house has a theoretical 4 bedrooms, 2 public rooms and a kitchen diner. One of these is probably now required for the trainset and one for (non-exclusive of course) office use. For a single man that’s obscene wealth and consumption. What must the light and heat emissions be?

    Time for a new window tax and a bedroom tax for private properties.

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