Infighting in groupuscules…..

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  1. It really is Pythonesque, considering some of the authors contained within this text! He really does have a habit of arguing with almost anyone in the near vicinity – No wonder he was barred from all the Pubs in Downham Market!

    I might avoid Ely, although odds are he’d be recognizable from his singularly unsuccessful ‘Introduction to Economics’ videos on Youtube that have sizably fewer viewers than the Minecraft demos my 5 year old son likes to watch….

  2. The groupustule had the sense to boot P³… At least that’s one point in their favour.. Not much, but still…

  3. Ann Pettifor is not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer but Spud used to be on speaking/texting terms with her. I can’t imagine Skidelsky having much time for him

  4. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    Personally, I am in awe of the man’s interpersonal skills.

  5. @Rikki, my attitude would depend on whether he has made any of his trademark smarmy comments on the tax affairs of other people

  6. The law has changed since the oil contractors. He does have a point that it’s really the BBC that tax avoided, missing employers NIC. The numbers though are wrong. Or, perhaps right but horribly misleading. They’re the gross amount owed on the income. To find out what is still owed one must take off the corporation tax paid, the dividend tax already paid. On income tax he’ll be running about evens – about – I would think.

  7. Gary Linekar’s got the tax man after him?


  8. Diogenes said:
    “Ann Pettifor is not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer but Spud used to be on speaking/texting terms with her”

    Why the “but”?

  9. “May 16.—Absolutely disgusted on opening the Blackfriars Bi-weekly News of to-day, to find the following paragraph: “We have received two letters from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pewter, requesting us to announce the important fact that they were at the Mansion House Ball.” I tore up the paper and threw it in the waste-paper basket. My time is far too valuable to bother about such trifles.”

    from the Diary of a Nobody, can’t think why the association occurred.

  10. @RichardT,if you alienate your natural, dim-witted sympathisers, who else will fight your corner?

  11. @Tim

    In Lineker’s case, no corporation tax has been paid as he and his missus were in a partnership.

    And yes, IR35 can apply to partnerships.

    I find myself wanting both sides to lose this case.

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