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Sweden is the only European country where fatal shootings have risen significantly since 2000, leaping from one of the lowest rates of gun violence on the continent to one of the highest in less than a decade, a report has found.

The report, by the Swedish national council for crime prevention (BRA), said the Scandinavian country had overtaken Italy and eastern European countries primarily because of the violent activities of organised criminal gangs.

So, why, why?

Immigration? As of 2010 some 14% were foreign born in Sweden, 64% of which were non-EU.

Or, and wouldn’t this be delicious, by making buying sex illegal they’ve driven the trade underground and so into gang hands. Like US Prohibition raised the violence rate……

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  1. One gains the impression from the Guardian articles that it’s the Mahometans. Which is what I’d expect.

  2. It’s not even hard. I am waiting for the day that some of the proponents of this nation-destroying shit get their just desserts. Since they all tend to live in Europe’s capital cities, where the vibrancy hits hardest and fastest, it can’t be long.

    Mind you, chap called Martyn Hett was blown up in the Manchester bombing – gay guy, was always railing against ‘racism’ – and his brother Dan Hett is on twitter to this day railing against ‘Islamophobia’.

    Martyn Hett might still be alive if he’d had a healthy suspicion of ‘Asians’ carrying backpacks at Ariana Grande concerts, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he saw the bloke and ostentatiously walked up and stood next to him to show his ‘solidarity’.

  3. @ Interested:
    “I am waiting for the day that some of the proponents of this nation-destroying shit get their just desserts. Since they all tend to live in Europe’s capital cities, where the vibrancy hits hardest and fastest, it can’t be long.”

    Have you not been following the Sasha Johnson case?

  4. Theophrastus (2066)

    “Have you not been following the Sasha Johnson case?”

    Ah,yes, the lovely lady who thinks whites should be enslaved by blacks…

  5. @Sam

    I have, but I was talking more about the Guardian and BBC journalists, the judges and lawyers, the police chiefs

  6. @ Interested:

    I am waiting for the day that some of the proponents of this nation-destroying shit get their just desserts.


    In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat

    “We as a Jewish organization feel obliged not to be bystanders in a situation where there’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in front of our eyes, especially when it’s so close to Europe,” Central Welfare Board executive director Aron Schuster told The Times of Israel.

    ( It’s also very close to Israel but, you know…)


    Boris Johnson has condemned acts of ‘shameful racism’ after a convoy of cars bearing Palestinian flags drove through a Jewish community in north London while the passengers screamed ‘f*** their mothers, f*** their daughters’.

  7. Come to think of it, that Libyan “refugee” who murdered three gay guys in broad daylight in Reading got memory holed fast, didn’t he?

    It was less than a year ago.

    But we’re still hearing about St George Floyd.

  8. It is not ‘location, location, location’ but ‘culture, culture, culture’.

    If you stick violent rapey peasants into a civilised first world city, the end result is a violent dump where women fear to walk alone. Never do you get what the globalists claim will be the case, peasants transformed into liberal citizens of the world.

  9. Isn’t Sweden the only country in Europe that keeps records of the number of hand-grenade attacks made by its imported diversity upon each-other?

  10. To think, we’re getting the most resourceful and ambitious of them…

    But I’ve got a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Next door there’s a draft dodger from Eritrea (*) and his family. Top bloke, couldn’t wish for nicer neighbours.

    * National Service in Eritrean army is ten years. That’s before you get to the Catch-22s.

  11. MC- a guy originally from baluchistan taxi driver, was telling me he missed his dog back home. How it was beautiful. Don’t think i established the breed, but couldn’t bring it over because a)absolutely huge and b) not allowed to. Oh i say, How does it work there, i suppose puppy farms are legal so pups are pretty cheap right? He giggled (accurate description) and said actually he’d been driving through a village and seen the most beautiful dog outside a house. He stopped got out and offered the owner a large amount for his dog. Cute story I thought. But there was more; the dog’s owner “very unreasonable man” refused. Oh ok… but then this fucker said, i went to my town, and paid some men to go back there and steal the dog, and that’s how i got my dog (another giggle).I wanted to get my destination so i bit my tongue but fucking hell just to tell a random Briton the romantic story of how you stole someoneelse’s dog betrays something about how big the culture gap is.

  12. “some 14% were foreign born in Sweden”: I assume that bandying around “foreign born” is intended to disguise the mayhem caused by the Swedish-born children of those born abroad.

  13. “It makes clear that it was not socialism that made Sweden rich but Sweden becoming rich that allowed it to experiment with socialism”

    Its been noted that, putting all the redistribution stuff to one side, Sweden is actually more capitalist and free market orientated than the UK is.

    Its just a shame they’ve decided to kill themselves (at a rate quicker than the rest of Europe)

  14. Making fairly routine human interactions illegal is a win-win for most of those involved in such transactions.

    The newly-appointed criminals like it because their business has just become free of any regulation. The establishment like it because it looks as if they are doing something. The state enforcers LOVE it, because it provides them with guaranteed jobs AND the opportunity for enhancing their incomes corruptly.

    The only people who may not do so well out of it are the customers. But who ever cared about them, anyway?

  15. Dodgy–Absolutely right.

    Hallowed Be–some taxi drivers deserve to be stabbed.

    Johnathon–A genuine question. How does turning Western Europe into a RoP blighted zone help Israel? Even as some obscure form of holocaust revenge replacing the existing population with those who hate Jews even more does not seem like a wise tactic.

  16. Ecks, it doesn’t necessarily benefit Israel, but it does benefit Jews.There are several different things going on here:

    1) Jews dislike non-Jews in general and Europeans in particular. There are many reasons for this, some justified and some not, which would probably be worth someone writing a book about. However, historically, Jews have seen Europeans as the main threat to the continued existence of the Jewish people and religion. (They also see pretty much every non-Jew that way too, but because Europeans are demonstrably much smarter than most other people, they’re seen as the biggest threat.)
    Therefore anything that Jews can do that harms Europeans is, by their way of thinking, good for Jews. Non-White immigration has been very harmful for Europeans, therefore, it’s good for Jews!

    2) Mr Netanyahu has called several times for Jews to leave Europe and ‘return’ to Israel so anything that makes Jews feel unsafe is likely to have that effect, even though Jews are not the main target of muslim attacks in Europe.

    Some sources:

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