An email to Leigh Day, lawyers

A couple of hints.

1) It is illegal to send to a mailing list without offering an unsubscribe from the list option.

“Every marketing email you send must give the person the ability to opt out of (or ‘unsubscribe from’) further emails.”

We might hope that a law firm knew this, you know, the law.

2) BCC exists for a reason. Find out what it is

Tim Worstall

There are 405 addys in that first line of the original email. I have, of course, just responded to all……

12 thoughts on “An email to Leigh Day, lawyers”

  1. Don’t be silly Tim. Leigh Day spent more than a decade supporting Phil Shiner’s dodgy attempts at lawfare: they wouldn’t understand the law if it slapped them in the face 🙂

  2. There’s a reason the BOFH’s running IT at where I volunteer have a script running that strips the CC string and adds it to the BCC string.. (and log the instance/user when it activates…)
    And other shenanigans making it next to impossible to CC accidentally anyway if you push the buttons as intended anyway.

    Maaaay have saved peeps a couple of embarassing moments here and there over the years….

  3. It would be more memorable if they’d called themselves Day Leigh.

    We used to have a local law firm called Kew and Fester. At least that’s how I pronounced it.

  4. @dearieme,

    There used to be an estate agents in Richmond (Surrey) called Harvey Dorff. It seemed a good enough reason to go there. Sadly, they have long been out of business.

  5. @Grikath
    If the BOFHs where I work did that, I would have their head on a pole. Very often it is important for an email recipient to see exactly who else has seen an email.

  6. “…it is important for an email recipient to see exactly who else has seen an email”

    Indeed, within an organisation.
    But publicly issuing a mailing list of unassociated recipients, so it’s visible to all, is certainly a breach of GDPR. Class action suit for breach of privacy! 🙂

  7. Not only within an organisation, Tim the C. But there’s plenty of software that will check outbound emails for excessive distribution lists and prompt for confirmation or automatically move to BCC. Marketing campaigns may need to be handled differently.

  8. @Chris
    Yes, I was simplifying for conciseness, perhaps I should have said ‘team’ or ‘project group’ or such.
    I’m working on such a project now, involving several different companies, but all one team at a technical level (don’t mention the finance!). But point is, by joining the team, we consent to our email address being shared to other team members inside & outside the individuals parent company, for the purpose of the team’s objectives. Even within that greater team, use for any other purpose is unconsented.

    A spam email, like the one TimW received, is distributing the email addreses to all recipients without permission. Holding/storing all these email addresses, for the purpose of spamming them, may be covered by small print in the original contact acquisition of those email addresses, hence the data storgae is not necessarily GDPR-conflicting…
    But they should only be used in individual, or BCC: using them for To: or CC: is an unconsented and unnecessary public dissemination, which is a GDPR breach (unless anyone was foolish enough to clearly consent to their email address being broadcast!)

    But point taken, ‘organisation’ was too imprecise 🙂

    Even in the context of a notification of the date for the next pub quiz, one must take care with these things…

  9. The best BCC story I ever heard was the Taliban telling a load of journalists about something they’d done.

    BCC to a load of Taliban commanders.

    Oops, it wasn’t BCC, it was CC.

    Cue a load of work at GCHQ, then some special deliveries from the USAF…

  10. Heh. It beats mine of having grepped email addresses of thousand of members of a student society, then discovering one of the other officers had ignored my instructions about only using it with bcc and the subsequent replies to all causing the Univerites network to grind to a near halt…

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