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Perhaps such Orwellian gymnastics reconcile the contradiction that Mosley himself struggled to explain – that in their youthful formation his own politics had been of the “left” even while “I agreed with my father’s ideas.”

Well, yes, but fascism was, in economic terms, rather of the left. National self-sufficiency and corporatism. The opposite, that is, of classical liberalism and to the extent that the left is in opposition to class lib then fascism is of that left.

You can certainly find fascist economics over on the left. As Colin Hines so protested about.

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  1. Did he ever bring a libel case?

    I don’t think people should claim libel unless they’re prepared to back it up with action. Otherwise, their claim seems somewhat… how can I put this… libellous?

  2. Oswald Mosley was first elected as a Conservative, but changed parties later. He stood for Labour in a by election in 1926 and was elected. So, the apple didn’t land all that far from the tree.

  3. The “Italo-Russo method” was a common way to describe both the economics of Fascist Italy and NEP-era Communism before it became very unfashionable to do so…

  4. “That came the year after Mosley had worked as election agent for Walter Hesketh, Union Movement candidate in Manchester’s Moss Side, itself home to a new community of West Indian immigrants. It was then that was printed the leaflet, bearing the damning words “published by Max Mosley”….”

    “Protect your jobs – coloured immigrants are forming a large pool of unemployed – they will be used to lower your living standards,” the leaflet noted. “Protect your health – there is no medical check on immigration. Tuberculosis, VD and other terrible diseases like leprosy are on the increase. Coloured immigration threatens your children’s health…”

    No lies detected…

  5. @aaa

    He sued the News of the World and won, based on their accusation that he was acting out a Nazi-style tableau. The judge said there was no evidence for that suggestion.

  6. @Mr Womby

    Actually, I woz referring to Colin Hines’s claim that the boss referring to his economics as “fascist” was libellous. As I’m not aware he ever brought a claim, either he was merely being a bully or he had a change of heart.

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