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But Harriet…..

But Harriet Harman, the Labour MP, hit out at the comments, describing them as “fatuous”.

She said: “Saying Williams’ actions are wholly explained by his illness shows the courts are simply still too ready to accept excuses.

“Domestic abuse doesn’t have to be continuous, although it usually is. It can be a one-off homicide.

“To say it’s not domestic abuse, when a man kills his wife, is fatuous. This is the ultimate, most extreme form of domestic abuse.”

The domestic abuse law is – as it must be – gender blind. Your statement is therefore that any wife who kills her husband must be engaging in domestic abuse. You know, like some bird plotting to smash his ‘ead in wiv’ an ‘ammer?

But Lord Justice Bean, sitting with Mrs Justice Farbey and Judge Paul Sloan QC, sparked anger when he refused to increase the sentence, claiming the case could not be classified as domestic abuse and insisting the homicide could be “wholly explained by his illness”.

Sometimes homicide really is just manslaughter through diminished responsibility……

9 thoughts on “But Harriet…..”

  1. “he refused to increase the sentence, claiming the case could not be classified as domestic abuse”

    I would have thought that this tragedy – a mentally ill bloke strangling his wife – is already far more serious than what is normally termed domestic abuse. Does categorising a crime as domestic abuse normally mean that a crime is worse? That sounds utterly daft. It’s just a term that Harman et al want to keep in the public eye. Presumably if a crazed Islamic suicide bomber blows his wife or wives up with him along with random members of the public then that makes it worse?

  2. Crazed islamists
    The courts ruled that on the night of 4 April 2017 he was high on cannabis
    The “courts” have obviously had a mis-spent youth. Getting “high” (or so I am reliably informed) is not a feature of the cannabis experience – it’s too much bother to exert oneself.

  3. Actually, forget the “crazed Islamist” example. Here’s one I didn’t make up:

    “On the morning of 17 April 1986, at Heathrow Airport in London, Israeli security guards working for El Al airlines found 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb) of Semtex explosive in the bag of Anne-Marie Murphy, a five-month pregnant Irishwoman attempting to board a flight to Tel Aviv with 375 other passengers. In addition, a functioning calculator in the bag was found to be a timed triggering device. She claimed to be unaware of the contents, and that she had been given the bag by her fiancé, Nezar Hindawi, a Jordanian. Murphy maintained that Hindawi had sent her on the flight for the purpose of meeting his parents before marriage.

    A manhunt ensued, resulting in Hindawi’s arrest the following day after he surrendered to police. Hindawi was found guilty by the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales and was sentenced to 45 years’ imprisonment by Justice William Mars-Jones, believed to be the longest determinate, or fixed, criminal sentence in British history.[2]

    Hindawi appealed. The Lord Chief Justice upheld the sentence, saying “Put briefly, this was about as foul and as horrible a crime as could possibly be imagined. It is no thanks to this applicant that his plot did not succeed in destroying 360 or 370 lives in the effort to promote one side of a political dispute by terrorism. In the judgment of this Court the sentence of 45 years’ imprisonment was not a day too long.”

    Hindawi was lucky. Had the prosecution pointed out that blowing up his pregnant girlfriend along with a planeload of Jews was actually domestic violence, the judge would really have thrown the book at him.

    (Thanks JL for your link. I hadn’t heard of this. It’s as bad as the Samuel Paty case. I think we know why more is not made of it by the big media outlets….)

  4. I, for one, am not surprised the *ahem* lady puts Domestic Abuse up as “being worse”.

    She’s of the cohort that argues that Domestic Abuse is a fair reason for a woman to off her partner, and that as such it must be worse than actual murder or manslaughter..
    The Narrative Must Be Maintained…

  5. I was gonna ask why you would need a ‘domestic abuse enhancement’ for a homicide trial – but then I remembered that this was Britain and the guy’s likely to get 5 years suspended sentence for only murder.

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