Catalans are indeed different

It’s the Neapolitans over the water who threaten to send you sleeping with the fishies:

The body of a missing man was found inside a papier-mâché dinosaur statue in a suburb of Barcelona, Spanish police reported, according to BBC News.

Police said a father and son noticed a smell coming from the Stegosaurus figure on display in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and called police after the father saw the body through a crack in the dinosaur’s hollow leg.

8 thoughts on “Catalans are indeed different”

  1. Weird. He dropped his phone in it, and then found it acted like a lobster pot. Lesson to us all, take care when taking the kids to the Natural History Museum.
    How long had he been missing? It surely takes a while to die in a stegosaurus and then time to start to pong…

  2. I saw an excellent Spanish short film on Ch4 once about a chap trapped in a telephone box. He desperately tried to get out but the door was stuck, so he called the fire brigade. They were just about to break him out when a lorry turned up and winched the box onto its back. They travelled for miles along a motorway, passing another lorry with a trapped man in a kiosk.
    Eventually they arrive and he is deposited at a huge open space that had thousands of telephone boxes with people in them.

  3. Ah thanks v much. Made quite an impression on me when I saw it in the mid 80s

    Was it really made in 1972 ?

  4. Strange. Unless he was badly injured or killed getting in, why didn’t he ring for help? And papier-maché? Couldn’t you break out, especially if there was a crack in the leg?

    I reckon it was a real dinosaur that ate him, and the authorities are covering up somehow.

  5. Ottokring I remember that too & thank you SadButMadLad for the details.

    Also, I’m reminded of the movie Gremlins, where the girlfriend Kate (Phoebe Cates)doesn’t celebrate Christmas as her dad died in the chimney dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas eve.

  6. Are those ex-Crystal Palace dinosaurs still on the Isle if Wight ? Maybe someone should give them a poke and see if there are any stiffs entombed inside.

  7. I once worked on an expert-witness case where a woman locked herself into a cabinet on a work truck. In Florida. In the summer. Per the medical testimony, she died after 3 days, was not found for another 6 or 7 days. Her attempts to escape, after she sobered up, were – well, let’s say it was quite disturbing. I don’t understand how this guy could die trapped inside a papier-mache figure.



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