Difficult to know which is the worse crime

From the progressive viewpoint at least:

A Colorado man suspected in the death of his wife, who disappeared on Mother’s Day last year, is also accused of submitting a fraudulent vote on her behalf for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election, court documents show.

Voting for Trump, eh?

9 thoughts on “Difficult to know which is the worse crime”

  1. Can’t possibly have happened – I’ve been reassured by everyone that matters that there was absolutely zero fraud in the last Presidential election.

  2. One gains the impression from the tone of the Guardian article that, once they found he’d submitted his wife’s vote for Trump, they naturally decided he’d murdered her.

  3. Nah… If Ecks were US-ian he’d probably be in one of them “Militias” doing the shoutin’ and struttin’.

  4. Well the reporter is clearly a Trump voter, because they mentioned that voter fraud exists.

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