Do they even read their own text?

India’s prime minister has suffered a rare political defeat in a key state election, amid signs of a voter backlash over his handling of the coronavirus disaster as the country reported a record number of deaths.

Narendra Modi had been expected to make significant gains on Sunday in West Bengal, one of few states where his rightwing Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) does not have a parliamentary majority. Instead, Mamata Banerjee, a powerful regional politician and prominent Modi critic, won a third term as chief minister.

If Mamata has won the last two times and did so again this third then we’re not really talking about a rare defeat for Modi in this state election, are we?

3 thoughts on “Do they even read their own text?”

  1. Indian Covid “emergency” is an attempt at more Project Fear using far-off India where hard info is harder to come by. Anything so Bogus Blojob Johnson can keep the panicked pissing their pants long enough for him to get new winter LDs and his social credit tyranny.

    Modi’s unpopularity might have more to do with his “cashless society” tryouts on the Indian people and the Hindu Nationalism that he isn’t working too hard to stop. As it will lead to a new revival of the old caste system–which never went that far away–and is ideal for a globo elite type tyrannical NWO.

  2. Notice that they are not providing any context around the scale of the problem, India is a big place and Delhi area alone has a population of 30million+
    Also this is a country where 1,200 a day die of TB a disease largely eradicated in the western world

  3. “the country reported a record number of deaths.”

    What record? Their 3,000 deaths a day is the equivalent of 150 in the UK.

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