Don’t divide us

Given the demographics around here you might like this.

Don’t Divide Us.

Treu, myself I tend to be a bit more Anglo Saxon about it all. That which can’t be solved by resorting to bits of the language is usually amenable to a seax in the right place.

10 thoughts on “Don’t divide us”

  1. “In the wake of the horrifying and brutal killing of George Floyd . . .”

    We can’t reject their lies by permitting their biggest lie.

    Start again.

  2. After the establishment has spent the last seventy years importing millions of hostile, tribal Africans and Asians into the UK, I’m afraid starting a campaign calling for ‘tolerance’ and an end to ‘identity politics’ is just pi**ing into the wind.
    After all, why would the enemies of Western Civilisation give up doing what they’re doing when they’re clearly winning?

  3. “a seax in the right place”…

    Saexes are short in supply nowadays. I do know people who still make them though… 😉

  4. I’ve found it interesting that George Floyd has become the poster boy for the poor oppressed African Americans. By all accounts, a revolting thug with a lengthy criminal record who died in police custody while off his tits on dangerous drugs. I would have thought that their case would have more credibility if they had chosen an honest upstanding and hard working family man who had been murdered by the police while not resisting arrest. It couldn’t possibly be that there isn’t one when innocent black men are being indiscriminately murdered by the police for no reason pretty much daily. So, why is this knuckle dragging tharg being held up as being representative of black Americans? If I was a black American I would be pretty insulted.

  5. If I was a black American I would be pretty insulted.

    Because its not about black people. They’re just being used as a club by a powerful minority who coincidentally seem to have a lot of media power to drive their cunty narratives.

  6. Actually the black African immigrants aren’t doing too badly, it’s the black Caribbean’s that are over-represented at the bottom of society.
    Muslims though are another issue, integration and becoming a more ‘liberal’ religion is being impeded by bringing in more of them.

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