This was the Mosley modus operandi: ignore the unpleasant facts staring you in the face; challenge instead the basis on which those facts might be relayed. It was the tactic deployed when in 2008 he sued The News of the World for reporting his involvement in a sadomasochistic orgy, in which he had whipped prostitutes dressed in striped pyjamas while counting in German.

I thought he was the one being whipped?

Just as a matter of business practice I would have thought it rather easier to find professional ladies to do the whipping rather than be the whippee.

2 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. I liked The Times’s final para (they do make exceedingly good obits):

    Despite all the embarrassment and ridicule he could still take a joke, and laughed uproariously when presented by Fleet Street’s Formula One contingent with a brown leather whip from Swaine Adeney Brigg, whipmakers for the Queen, to mark his retirement in 2009. It was inscribed: “MRM. From Fleet Street’s Finest. 10.9.09.”

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