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  1. Nice one Tim. However, minor nit pick: the latest paper suggests the most plausible scenarios are RCP 3.4.(*)

    I’m getting sick of people pointing at RCP 8.5 and shouting “we’re all going to die”(**), but I particularly hate people describing it as “business as usual”. RCP 7 was intended as business as usual, 8.5 was the “We love the Carboniferous” scenario.

    (*) I would link to it but this site seems to reject my posts with links in. Look for SocArXiv paper m4fdu.

    (**) Well, we are, but mainly killed by the usual illnesses that Man is heir to, along with the occasional Darwin Award spectacular.

  2. I agree that 3.4 looks most likely now. But I’m happy to stick with 4.5 as that’s entirely supportable rather than being, well, you know, the latest. I’m being conservative that is.

  3. As I’ve said before, I’ve never had much faith in climate change, since the true believers all vehemently oppose nuclear power or fracking or anything which might actually invalidate their assumptions.

    As you point out, the Germans have shut down their nukes and are now burning cheap dirty lignite. The French have shut down their oldest nuke at Fessenheim. This could easily have been run on cheap low enriched uranium for another 20 or 40 years. The Japs still have most of their nukes shut down, and are burning horrid fossil fuels. The Yanks are screeching to we Aussies about climate change, while they shut down non-CO2 emitting nukes as fast as they can.

    The fact is that if anyone took it seriously, a massive build on the French style would provide most of our electricity by now.

    This is all merely the usual push to reduce the whites of the West to the nakedness, beggary and slavery that it’s advocates feel is far, far, far, far better than we deserve.

  4. Rhe scenarios are a daft concept. The idea that a given proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere leads inevitably to a derived calculable increase in the average temperature of the whole Earth is an unproven hypothesis, presented as incontrovertible.

    Executive summary: It’s all Bollocks.

  5. Amusingly I was saying this sort of stuff before the GWPF was founded……they didn’t have to convince me very much to write the paper.

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