Finally, they found some!

How we met: ‘When Hillary Clinton lost the election we decided to leave America’
Rebecca Roldán Gordon, 37 and Nick Reynolds, 38, met online as teenagers. They have endured ill-health and homelessness together, and have supported each other to transition to non-binary and male. They live in Andalucía

Folks who left American when Trump was elected! Woo Hoo, we knew there must have been some out there given the number who threatened.

24 thoughts on “Finally, they found some!”

  1. I’m probably going to regret asking this, but how does one “transition to non-binary”?

  2. formertory (and now even more so)

    I’m very glad you asked that, Arthur, because I’m as puzzled as you are.

  3. “They live in Andalucía” What the hell did we do to deserve them? Haven’t we got enough weirdos of our own? Bit of luck Vox’ll get in here next election & they can flee to America to escape it.

  4. I read the article. It took me awhile to understand that it referred to a single person when using “they”. What’s funny as that “they” used “I” when talking about “themselves” which doesn’t make any sense at all. Anyway, if there wasn’t a reason to vote Trump before ….

  5. @Arthur the cat- go back to analog?

    More seriously just tick a different box on forms, add pronouns and a flag emoji to your online profile and you’re off!

  6. The Meissen Bison

    Re: Transition to non-binary and male

    Here are the logical steps for you inveterate and unashamed bigots.

    Step 1 – two lesbians
    Step 2 – one of the lesbians becomes male
    Step 3 – the residual lesbian still cleaves to the first lesbian who is no longer a woman or a lesbian
    Step 4 – consequently the residual lesbian can no longer be a lesbian
    Step 5 – hence the residual lesbian is now non-binary although her tastes and predilictions have not changed,
    Step 6 – thereby showing her great respect and empathy for her partner as she explores the new persona and stigmata of her partner.

  7. Dennis, Yet Again

    A salutary lesson for parents everywhere.

    Why do I suspect both members of The Dynamic Duo were provided less than stellar parenting?

  8. TMB – perfect logic. So Rebecca needs to come up with a non-binary name such as Leaf, Tree or Leslie.

  9. Adrian said:
    “Nick (the male) is quite pretty in a girl next door sort of way”

    More so than when he was a woman, going by the pictures in the article.

  10. Dennis, Gender Solid

    Nick (the male) is quite pretty in a girl next door sort of way.

    Things must have been rough in your neighborhood.

  11. Welp, there’s one thing we can all admire…

    They both quit their whining and practiced what they preached.

  12. I wonder if they surrendered their US citizenship when they left.

    And if they didn’t, I sure hope they’ve being paying US taxes all these years, given that they are levied on citizenship, and not residency.

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