Given? Really, given?

Non-NHS healthcare providers given £96bn in a decade, says Labour
Exclusive: Analysis reveals amount of money flowing to for-profit firms, voluntary groups and not-for-profits

It might be they’ve charged that much for services rendered but we don’t normally think of that as “given” do we?

Further, as that’s well under 10% of the NHS budget it’s not enough.

6 thoughts on “Given? Really, given?”

  1. now that gifted is used for freely giving something with no strings not surprised at given being tried out with a new meaning.

  2. Anyone prepared to go through the tendering procedure trying to sell something to a committee who don’t understand what it is or how it works, while getting all the diversity/white slavery boxes ticked, they deserve anything they can get, they earned it.

  3. Does this bear any relation to the wildly extravagant PFI schemes favoured by Gordon Brown?

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