Gosh, that’s amazing

it is not legal for single sex spaces to institute a ban on trans people unless such a ban is legitimate and proportionate.

As legal and legitimate mean pretty much the same thing…….

7 thoughts on “Gosh, that’s amazing”

  1. ’ This is the second important judgement to attract virtually zero coverage…’

    What’s ‘important’ to this chap doesn’t seem to be important to everyone else. How terribly surprising!

  2. The Meissen Bison

    As legal and legitimate mean pretty much the same thing

    Not so – but a pretty meaningless construction for all that: a space cannot institue a ban or anything else.

  3. £100,000 spent creating anti-trans publicity and ideally, anti-trans legislation sounds like money well spent to me.

  4. Richard Gadsden

    The actual law is “a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate aim”. Typical useless journalists thinking they can pick out a couple of key words and it means the same thing.

  5. A SINGLE SEX space should only include those belonging to a single sex. Trans people deny that they belong to a single sex ….
    Therefore they should not *wish* to enter a “single sex” space.

  6. And trans is a spectrum , a woman’s space might have different opinions between accepting a biologically functioning male who identifies as female and a post-op trans person.

  7. Interesting to see that the judges don’t want the courts clogged up giving approvals for puberty blockers, so they’ve dumped the responsibility back on the parents and doctors.

    I still feel that only adults should be permitted to be this stupid. So you should only be allowed to be this moronic once you’re eighteen.

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