Great Moments In Times Obituaries

Her easy rapport with her subjects persuaded Paul Newman to pose for her barefoot at his Connecticut home, clutching two beers and dressed in a “Get Really Stoned” T-shirt.

The blind subeditor strikes again….

9 thoughts on “Great Moments In Times Obituaries”

  1. I thought they really were two beers, just in some kind of weirdly shaped European bottles that you guys are known for. I mean, what’s up with your version of Fanta anyway?

  2. Stonyground said:
    “The labels suggest that it might be Theakson’s Old Peculiar, a strong dark mild.”

    Ooh, good spot.

    But I have never seen it called a mild. Less sweet and more richly flavoured than a typical mild? But English beer descriptions are not precise terms.

  3. It’s St Pauli Girl. Theakston’s is imported to the ‘States in a short widemouth bottle.

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