Guess what?

Thousands of UK doctors are planning to quit the NHS after the Covid pandemic because they are exhausted by their workloads and worried about their mental health, a survey has revealed.

Almost one in three may retire early while a quarter are considering taking a career break and a fifth are weighing up quitting the health service to do something else.

They didn’t ask about those taxes on pensions pots. We do actually know this is a problem, we really are over the Laffer Curve peak here.

Wonder why they didn’t ask? Maybe because we do actually know this is a problem, we really are over the Laffer Curve peak here?

5 thoughts on “Guess what?”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    That comes to 78% of UK doctors in all: good news if it spells the end of the NHS (pbui).

  2. It’s no Laffing matter trying to see a family doctor now – God help us if a third of them bugger off in the next year or so…

  3. It must be an exhausting task being a GP at our local health centre. All those fancy websites referring you elsewhere, all those twenty-minute voicemail recordings asking you if you have chest pains, telling you about the website, explaining how much they value diversity, how they won’t tolerate physical or verbal attacks on their staff, what they symptoms of covid are, how to get your jab, and now would you please go away and not call in at the health centre. Not to mention all the laminated signs at the centre telling you all the same stuff.

    Those things may not be created by the doctors, of course, but they must have an exhausting time recruiting the people who do.

  4. ‘… because they are exhausted by their workloads…’

    Wasn’t it widely reported that hospitals were largely empty during the ‘crisis’, resources being held in reserve for the Tsunami of CoVid cases promised but never arriving? And didn’t GP services more or less shut down?

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