History, history…..

Blenheim gave a home to 400 evacuees during the war, but it is also a monument to an aristocratic and colonial past. How much of a student of English history have you been over the years?

Hmm, dunno really. Blenheim? Colonialism?

Not really sure what the subsequent Dukes did but the original grant, and the house, was for beating up on the French, wasn’t it? Which isn’t colonialism, that’s just the correct attitude to the European Union.

3 thoughts on “History, history…..”

  1. Yeah Tim Adams, not sure how much of a student of English History you are but there’s a pretty chunky clue in the name.

  2. I think public statues are like a seal, or some mark on history. We have to respect our memory, but learn from our mistakes. Removing statues is something to me like talking about a man having a facelift as he gets older; you know, you think you want to make changes but they are not necessarily for the better. The debate is interesting, but not logical.

    I feel the artist has more sense than the entire staff at the Guardian…

  3. “Blenheim and its association with Winston Churchill”

    If I remember correctly, he was born there but that’s about all he had to do with the place other than visiting his uncle, cousin and grandparents. His father was the 3rd son of the Duke!

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