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I once intimated…..

….that a certain stock market little darlin’ of a company was touting its recycling technology a little too much and not paying enough attention to the problems of collecting what was to be recycled.

There was some contretemps over this suggestion.

Apropos of nothing:

RENO, NV / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2021 / Green technology innovators Cicle, Inc. and American Battery Metals Corporation (OTCQB:ABML), an American-owned lithium-ion battery recycling technology and advanced extraction company with extensive mineral resources in Nevada, which is in the process of changing its name to American Battery Technology Company (“ABTC”) announced today a strategic partnership to create the first-of-its-kind centralized service operations for collection and recycling of electric vehicle batteries at Cicle EV ChargeParks. The ventures will team up to meet heightened consumer demand as all leading global automakers and truck fleets transition to electric mobility.

The strategic partnership solves a critical renewable energy supply problem for the fast-growing EV ecosystem. The growth of electric vehicles has so far relied on environmentally unfriendly and inefficient local power grids to supply energy for recharging short-range batteries in cars and trucks. The ABTC & Cicle ChargeParks collaboration creates a practical and highly advanced renewable energy technology solution.

Cicle ChargeParks patent-pending infrastructure is designed to recharge consumer EV’s efficiently as well as house multiple ABTC collection points and operations across North America. ABTC may then collect the spent and damaged EV batteries and other lithium-ion products for recycling and core metals processing. Results: Cicle clean, safe & rapid EV charging facilities working collaboratively with ABTC green extraction and processing of metal battery components used to build high-range EV batteries that will drive the electric vehicle revolution.

A collection network for EV batteries!

Well yes. Umm.

Quite so:

Uhn huhn.

5 thoughts on “I once intimated…..”

  1. ABTC may then collect the spent and damaged EV batteries and other lithium-ion products for recycling and core metals processing.

    It used to be that America dumped all its dirty and dangerous tech on China. Full circle.

    I suspect Erin Brockovich will be keeping an eye out for any hexavalent lithium.

  2. I’m confused- because the extract seems to imply that a battery is a charging facility.

    Makes a sort of sense. In the same way that car repairers are the entry point for lead/acid battery recycling.

  3. Their forecast numbers do not make sense. (a) there isn’t an ‘excess/available’ 20kpta of EOL batteries to feed the plant of that scale (certainly not to generate $200m profit annually in perpetuity (b) handheld batteries are collected as mixed batteries and require pre-sorting with alkaline being the dominant chemistry – Call2recycle operate a collection network of 40,000 points around the country and have established recycling partners [so unlikely have access to these streams]. The company consistently over-represents its achievements and relationships. examples are;
    (b) BASF circulatory incubator program – BASF didn’t seek out ABML to participate and they were not the sole winner. They were the only battery recycling winner wiht the balance of the winners in other categories. To put the challenge into perspective the cash contribution was a total of “$25,000” …..while they talk about discussions and ongoing relationships….but there is nothing formal in place…..if there was to be it would have occurred at the end of the challenge. In parallel and subsequent the incubator program, BASF has entered into numerous partnerships for recycling (and been awarded significant grants) and has publicly mapped out their own recycling roadmap…..if ABML truly had a disruptive process it would have been locked in long ago.

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