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Presumably the entirely untrue allegation is derogatory to both……

9 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. The tweet was only up for less than ten minutes too. I recall clicking on it and it had already been removed. Expensive business, twitter.

  2. Of more interest to me, further down that thread are two clips of Adil Ray on GMB calling out the government liars Boris and Wankock. Who needs Piers Moron?

  3. Oops! Wouldn’t imagine Mrs S, who is rather foxy, would be worried about leaving Keith with Ms Chapman.

    ‘Shippers’ is a right throbber.

  4. From Wikipedia:
    “Chapman was born in Surrey … studying psychology at Brunel University, and later took an MA in archaeology at Durham University … She had work placements attached to prison psychology departments whilst studying for her undergraduate degree … Chapman worked as constituency office manager for Darlington Labour MP Alan Milburn … elected as borough councillor for the Cockerton West ward in 2007 … Member of Parliament (MP) for Darlington from 2010 until 2019 … lost her seat of Darlington to the Conservative candidate in the 2019 general election … became the chair of Starmer’s successful campaign in the 2020 Labour Party leadership election … awarded a life peerage after nomination by Starmer”

    Pretty much says all you need to know about modern British politics. Two hobby degrees. No mention of any career outside politics. Climbed the political ladder to a ‘safe’ seat. Chucked out by the revolting masses who were fed up with being represented by people like that, so Starmer decides that’s who he wants to shape his leadership and rewards her.

  5. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    dearieme, that the gentleman’s reputation is already worthless?

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