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President also asks US intelligence community to explore the unlikely possibility that virus origins trace to Chinese lab

Still “unlikely” at The Guardian…..

Biden’s request included asking the US intelligence community to explore the unlikely possibility that the origins of the virus trace to Chinese lab. After months of minimizing the possibility as a fringe theory, the Biden administration is responding both to domestic and geopolitical concerns about putting pressure on China to be transparent about the outbreak.

Republicans, including former president Donald Trump, have promoted the theory that the virus emerged from a laboratory accident, rather than naturally through human contact with an infected animal.

Because if Trump said it therefore of course it must be wrong, right?

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  1. President also asks US intelligence community to explore the unlikely possibility that virus origins trace to Chinese lab

    Translation: start shredding chaps. Don’t want any shit coming our way.

  2. Why do I have the feeling the “Intelligence Community” already have a decent idea of what happened, and that Trump was merely echoing a “distinct possibility” he got briefed on.

    The three possibilities listed in yesterday’s article are all still a possibility, but the description of the safety levels v/s research was…hair-raising..
    Definitely stuff you usually only expect to find in movies, as a plot device, before manure hits the windmill..
    Could still be a red herring, but with the research records, especially what was done at what safety level, behind lock and key in China.. Good luck finding out what really happened.

    I’ll pass on the “malice” angle though.. Not when greed, stupidity, and “lowest bidder” are still sufficient to cause the same massive cock-up if this proves true.

  3. Henry is probably right.

    “Intelligence” in 2021 means “give me the answer I want”.

    No telling which way this’ll go though – while the Biden regime has probably hoovered up a lot of Chinese bribes, the late-stage American empire is a lot like other rotting soon-to-be-former hegemons, too many strange and mutually conflicting agendas and a sense of overwhelming hubris.

    If they come out with anything resembling the truth it’ll be purely by accident.

  4. I imagine that a further impeachment of the Orange Man is cranking up. He created covid! With Russian, Chinese and Israeli help

  5. Forest of invasive triffids discovered in Kew. They’re native to Northern Ireland, doncha know?

  6. Possible: something that can or may exist, be the case, may be true, may happen.

    A possibility – the state of being possible – cannot be unlikely, it has to be likely otherwise it could not be possible.

    What he might have said was, in the unlikely event – but then Sleepy, Creepy Joe and the English language are not best friends.

  7. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    I noticed Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has publicly accused China of a cover-up with regards to COVID-19. I cannot imagine Milley made that statement without having full knowledge of just how bad he would make Biden and the Democrats look on this issue. And I cannot imagine Biden and the White House is happy about it. Milley’s actions tell me two things: First, the military does believe COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan lab, and (2) Milley has absolutely no respect for Joe Biden or his administration.

    This is starting to get fun…

  8. @Diogenes Yesterday’s article clearly shows that the initiation of the possible cock-up falls squarely in the time when Saint Obama was responsible..

    I sincerely doubt that Trump would have wanted, or would have approved, this kind of research to be done on behalf of the US in, of all places, China…

  9. It does seem to stretch beyond what most would consider a reasonable level of outsourcing.
    Can’t even play the risk mitigation card as any leak in China ends up in the US anyway thanks to international travel.
    If your only excuse was it was banned here so we what you go somewhere else it doesn’t look good

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