Is this woo or wokenist hype?

It’s clearly terribly stupid:

Federal authorities have ordered a complete recall of the Las Vegas-based bottled water brand Real Water and ordered the company to surrender records in investigations of at least one death and multiple cases of liver illness among people who reported drinking it.

The product is sold as premium alkalized drinking water in distinctive boxy blue bottles touting “E2 Electron Energized Technology.” Labels say it is “infused with negative ions” and offers healthy detoxifying properties.

OK, so what the heck is it? Alkaline water apparently:

Documents say the commercial product is drawn from the Las Vegas-area municipal water supply, filtered and processed with potassium hydroxide, commonly called lye, the chemical potassium bicarbonate and a mineral salt, magnesium chloride.

They had people drinking caustic soda? Jeez.

27 thoughts on “Is this woo or wokenist hype?”

  1. Steve across the Pond

    It’s worse that there are people foolish, ignorant, or stupid enough to believe the pseudoscience. But we have people who think crystals and essential oils have healing powers, and that the COVID vaccines have microchips or make your arm magnetic.

    But at least we have a president who, along with his minions, wants to dumb down education because math and science are racist. Because that will show leadership and make us the envy of the world.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    It’s used to make noodles as well, so, as always, the poison is in the dose.

  3. ” But we have people who think crystals and essential oils have healing powers, and that the COVID vaccines have microchips or make your arm magnetic.”
    We’ve got them as well, Steve. Last week I inadvertently found myself enduring several hours of being educated by one. And to pick up on a slightly earlier post, she was also telling me she was a prominent activist on social media. The “prominent” based on having several thousand Twatter & Farcebook followers. Although activist in what, I couldn’t tell you. There was so much presumption I was of the same mind on the subject it was impossible to work out what she was talking about. The whole episode certainly reinforced my intention to stay as far away from the English as possible.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whenever I accompanied Mrs BiND to Mensa gatherings, usually lunch, it never failed to amaze me how gullible (some) so called intelligent people could be. When you add money there’s no check to that gullibility.

  5. Steve ATP–how many more times does it have to be pointed out that Bill fucking Gates was the one bullshitting about injecting micro-chips to give mugs a built-in social credit tyranny “smart”-phone substitute.

    And the vax is untested shite that only dim/cowardly mugs would take to escape from their 0.01 chance of dying from a bad winter flu lied up by the scum of the Earth. Or for fuckwit holidays they weren’t “allowed” anyway.

  6. it’s woo- i used to follow a blog of a vegan marathon runner. Out of curiosity how they did it. and they did run marathons and presumably did do the vegan thing. Then she got pregnant. And i was a little queasy about pregger vegan marathoning. Then she started on the Alkaline thing, and was preggers, vegan, marathoning and taking alkaline stuff at which point i noped out.

  7. Jeez BiG! I’m not hard up enough to consider screwing English women. What a horrible thought!

  8. Got there late! BiS didn’t let the side down. Never found out, but he already knows the answer!

  9. “processed with potassium hydroxide, commonly called lye, the chemical potassium bicarbonate and a mineral salt, magnesium chloride.”

    Which is nothing but a potassium/carbonate buffer solution, which is in and of itself safe to drink at whichever pH you can set it to. Well within out tolerance anyway. You can get pH from 9 to 5 doing bog-standard cooking.. As I’m currently making soup stock, I am also “infusing water with negative ions”.

    The real stupid thing is this:

    “Defendants claim to use a proprietary ‘ionizer’ apparatus to apply an electrical current to this mixture, which allegedly creates positively charged and negatively charged solutions,” the federal civil complaint says.

    It says the negatively charged solution is marketed as “E2 Concentrate” taste-enhancer for coffee, tea and wine – and diluted in tanks and packaged for home delivery and commercial sales as “alkaline” Real Water.

    So they electrolise the solution. Which, if done right, does indeed cause an imbalance in ion presence. It’s a neat lab trick with real practical purposes. Gel electroforesis is rather well known, but there’s also a number of flow-type separation techniques that work on the principle.

    Which in this case would result in an overdose of hydroxide and chlorine ions, along with carbonate ions. Which will cause the formation of carbonate chloride.
    In and of itself not something you want to ingest in large doses, but in the presence of the rest of the ions…. ( and the trace amounts of Other Stuff that filtering doesn’t get rid of….)
    Wellll… it makes for a nice lab experiment to see what Weird Stuff you can get when you leave it for a bit, but definitely not something you want to ingest.

    Of course… Health Freaks and Darwin Awards….

  10. It has ‘reduced water molecule sizes’

    I heard they were bringing out a special fully dehydrated version, for joggers with limited carrying space…

  11. Then she started on the Alkaline thing, and was preggers, vegan, marathoning and taking alkaline stuff at which point i noped out.

    Can you yup back in and find out what happened? We’re hangin’ here.

  12. “it has ‘reduced water molecule sizes’. How scientifically illiterate can you get!”

    I used to think of water as being analogous to frog spawn. You can see the future tadpole (i.e. the particular water molecule that interests you) but it’s set in a sort of jelly – in the analogy that’s the other water molecules near it held loosely together by hydrogen bonding.

    So a change in pH that influences the hydrogen bonding could, I suppose, be analogised as reducing the volume of jelly attributed to each future tadpole. I suppose. Maybe.

    The reason that molecular theory was first developed for gases is that gases do consist overwhelmingly of separate molecules dashing around independently. But lots of condensed matter (i.e. solids and liquids) doesn’t e.g. crystalline solids.

  13. PJF- ha! well i have found it on the wayback – first the corrections- triathlons not marathons. and she did actually stop blogging about triathlons when pregnant,,,and moved on to blogging about (and flogging) Alkaline. But yeah it was this that noped me out…

    “I’ve felt like this for over a week now and don’t seem to be gaining any weight. I think because I’m still forcing myself to down my alkaline green drinks the weight is staying off.”

  14. @Dearieme The frogspawn analogy isn’t actually half-bad..

    Treat the embryo/yolk as the actual molecule and the jelly as the average kinetic cross-section in a liquid at a given temperature, and you’re basically spot-on for bulk/macro applications.

    Crystal lattices are different, as is famous for water, and gets shown in science classes everywhere each year, but even then the analogy still holds true als long as you ignore the phase change itself.

    Of course, for aqueous solutions the optimum reduction in molecule size amounts to “a nice cold beer”….
    Which I see I need to stock up on given Whitsundaynanigans and shops being closed tomorrow.

  15. Dr. Dennis, Busy Looking For Ecks' Thorazine

    Any guess as to how many science denying Republicans drank that shit?

    Any guess as to how many science-y progressives drank that shit?

  16. Mohave Greenie (Death Valley Days)

    When I first saw alkaline water in the local grocery store, I had a quiet WTF moment. Why would anyone buy it? The local tap water is already quite alkaline. Local industry is commercially extracting trainloads of alkali from the dry lakes. It’s not for nothing that the lowest spot in the nation is called Badwater.

  17. Dr Denise Disease–you’ll look more effectively with your head out of your arse. Shame that’s not possible.

  18. Yes, yes, we all get to speak our minds around here. But mere common insult doesn’t do it for me, thank you. Interesting, amusing, unusual insult, perhaps, but “Parp! And Double Back At Ya'” really doesn’t do it.


  19. I did taste the liquid at Badwater. It was medicinal in flavour. I wouldn’t want a glass of it

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