It’s not Keir’s fault

Sir Keir Starmer was accused on Friday night of allowing Labour to be captured by a “London-based bourgeoisie” and “brigades of woke social media warriors” by a frontbencher

This has been going on for decades now. We could probably say that Wilson and Callaghan were Labour in that proper and solid manner. But Tony Benn – and Crossland perhaps – were definitely metropolitan frou frous imposing weirdness upon the working class.

This is what happens to organisations over time of course. Shrug. The Tories nearly lost it over Europe and only reconnected with their base at the instigation of Ukip.

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  1. Benn and Crosland wewre very different.
    Benn had a genuine respect for the working class; Crosland was a patronising snob.

  2. As voters have rejected bonkers left wing policies and wokery, watch out for calls from the left for even more bonkers left wing policies and even woker wokery.

  3. The decline of industrial unions made it inevitable that they had to chase a different crowd.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Conservatives become the party of the left, nudging Labour out, while someone like Reform takes the right position.

  4. Bloke in Cornwall

    @BoM4 – I think the Conservatives will take the middle, leave Labour and Lib Dems to left and further left and then have a new right party appear… Not sure even the current “Conservatives” are dumb enough to go all out left.

    They will then just steal policies that seem popular from either side to keep in power as they don’t seem to have any good ideas of their own.

  5. @AndrewC: that was the prevailing ‘wisdom’ from the coterie of grotesques that dominate the currant Labour echo chamber, even before the first reports had fully landed.

  6. @bloke in Cornwall

    That was essentially the Tony Blair plan

    Worked for three elections

  7. That’s always been the case. Labour’s first government was the only one with significant numbers of working class representatives – Macdonald, Snowden, Henderson, Thomas etc. By the time you get to Attlee, public schoolies have taken over – Attlee, Dalton, Cripps – up against competent bourgeois or working class folk such as Morrison, Bevin, Wilson and incompetent working class bigots such as Shinwell and Bevan.

    As time went on, the proportion of public schoolies and competent lower order people decreased and the nutters took over. Mind you, a lot of the public schoolies were nutters, eg Dalton. They ended up with Callaghan, Healey, Castle, Shore, Owen against Foot, Benn, Crosland, Crossman, Williams, Brown, Hattersley etc. No wonder it took them 20 years to win an election

  8. For me the realisation struck in ’97, when the middle class public school university educated Blair was representing ‘the working man’ against the working class boy made good Major representing the party of ‘privilege’.

  9. Hmm, i don’t know. I also look at Laura Pidcock and think yep she’s what she says she is, not much different to lots of people in the area she grew up in, But she got the politics bug and became a radical at uni and she’s tagged that on to her original identity. She thinks they’re one and the same. They’re not. The people she grew up around have things going on in their lives, their decisions and preferences will be heavily influenced by that and they’re not going to influence laura in the same way because she has ideological insulation.- Yeah not unusual, but it doesn’t help you win elections. Still, it is nice to see the cognitive dissonance of someone when “their” people choose someone they prefer.

  10. “I also look at Laura Pidcock and think yep she’s what she says she is, not much different to lots of people in the area she grew up in, But she got the politics bug and became a radical at uni and she’s tagged that on to her original identity.”

    The problem is that we are allowing people into politics who know nothing but politics. Politics should be for people who have had a life and that life has either created their political viewpoint, or tempered whatever views they may have had in younger days. Instead we have people who have no experience of life and they have a theory of how things should be and want to impose that on everyone else. Its entirely arse about face. Hence my proposition that no-one should be able to enter politics until age 50.

  11. Yes that probably applies to young Laura, but it’s not yet apparent Keir Starmer’s party leadership has benefited from his former life. And if you think that’s because he was a lawyer, i’d guess a 50 year old requirement would probably get even more lawyers and ex civil servants as candidates.

  12. @James Strong
    “Benn had a genuine respect for the working man….”
    Yet, under Benn and Wilson, more mines were closed than those under Thatcher (my grandfather and two uncles among those losing their jobs). The subsequent import of coal from Poland, was probably more of a coincidence than the Comrades of the Soviet Union getting their hands on hard currency.

  13. Bloke in Callao

    “Benn had a genuine respect for the working class.” No he didn’t. Met him several times in the ’70s, he was an arrogant patrician cunt.

  14. the currant Labour echo chamber

    Well they are on pandering to the fruits more and more …

  15. Roy Jenkins was, maybe, the most egregiously snobbish member of the metropolitan elite to capture the Labour party. He legalised mass abortion and homosexuality, abolished the death penalty and outsourced the writing of the Race Relations Act to Jewish activist lawyers, thereby ensuring its use a cudgel to beat the English into acceptance of third-world immigration.
    The damage he caused to this country’s people, laws and institutions were easily on a par with anything done by the Blair/ Brown government.

  16. “The Tories nearly lost it over Europe and only reconnected with their base at the instigation of Ukip. ”

    That is what you think is happening is it Tim?

    Like Hell. Bogus Johnson is a faux patriot who tells a lot of lies. The Tory Party may have lots of decent hard working middle/working class folk in its ranks but those are the people Bogus has spent a year pissing on while he and his Tory Hier m8s plan their social credit–to–greenfreak ruin and tyranny strategy.

    Every thing about what Bogus and gang do–rather than a word they say–shows that they are the same upper/middle class Marxist eco-freak trash as Labour. Bliar’s satanic spawn indeed. They are bad actors and intend nothing but harm to the ordinary folk of the UK.

  17. It was Wilson’s government that implemented the Beeching report. I suppose it tried to strike a balance between the joy of closing railway lines in Conservative constituencies and the risk – if any – of annoying the railwaymen. (Were any substantial groups of railwaymen sacked?)

  18. Also, too many people get into politics wanting to “run the country”/”run the economy”/etc. and try to persuade people that their way of running the economy is the one they should pick.

    But they shouldn’t be running it in the first place, dammit! Nobody seems to be pitching for the “Get your damn stinking paws off my neck” option. It used to be my party’s core philosophy, but they’ve gone all controling-lives wokist.

  19. “…the currant Labour echo chamber…”

    “Well they are on pandering to the fruits more and more …”

    Maybe this is why they’re always raisin awareness of something or other.

  20. When I was a young the Labour Party used to explain to me that, being working class, I was the oppressed victim of The Man.

    These days they explain to me that, actually, being white, I was the privileged oppressor all along.

  21. Sounds much like ScoMo over here in Oz. He won the impossible election because Labor wanted to ban the sale of coal. Now he’s pandering to all the left-wing bullshit he can find.

    I’m not too sure that the lefties’ claim that the Libs are all rapist perverts will have much effect on the next election though. The left are so determined to force infinitely more perverted junk down our throats that I suspect that the only ones who’ll take it seriously will be those same leftist perverts.

  22. Boganboy: That’s why my party catestophically shot itself in the head at the last general election. All its campaigning was wokist extremism targetted at their internal wokist extremist party members, not normal people who put crosses on ballot papers.

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