Jeez, these progressives are so damn racist

Proponents of ranked-choice voting or RCV, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2019, argue that this system allows voters to support the candidate they most prefer rather than “wasting” a vote on a candidate with little chance of winning or strategically voting for a candidate with a better chance of victory. It also requires candidates to reach broader audiences rather than stay in their “lane,” and is believed to discourage negative campaigning. But some candidates have raised concerns that the new system, absent a sustained effort at voter education, may disenfranchise voters of color and spark confusion at polling places.

Or, as they mean but aren’t saying, the block folks are too damn dumb to count to five.

Then again, given that most of those blacks have had to suffer NYC’s most, most, progressive public school system perhaps they’re right at that.

But joking aside look at that claim. Blacks hardest hit by slightly complicated voting system. You what?

6 thoughts on “Jeez, these progressives are so damn racist”

  1. Just ask yourself, would Spud say that? Of course he would, therefore that is what the “paternalistic liberals” are saying

  2. There’s a YouTube video somewhere out there where concerned white liberals voice their worries that black people won’t have photo IDs or know where or how to get one. The concerns are then put to black people with easily anticipated results. Yes, they all have photo IDs, no they don’t know any of their friends that wouldn’t and yes, they know where city hall is.

    The Left requires helpless victims.

  3. “the block folks are too damn dumb”: brilliant typo.

    Anyhoo, remember Joe Biden’s insight: “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids”.

  4. The RCV is just the STV under another name. Salon thinks that it will take a week to collate the data and produce the results in New York. The Irish have a more complicated version and produce the results within a day.
    Salon doesn’t just think “People of Color” are stupid – they think the Democrat Party in New York is stupid.

  5. The virtue of STV is that it puts candidates from the same party in competition with each other. That means that the party organisation has less power to guarantee election to office to its own pet headbangers. It’s notable that the Liberal Democrats never spent any political capital after 2010 trying to get mainland Britain to replace the d’Hondt list system by bringing it into line with Northern Ireland’s use of STV for European Parliament elections.

    Who counts as a headbanger obviously context dependent!

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