Might be 75 wifelets

That was in 1998, but after his death from Covid-19 in April last year the 74 wifelets he accumulated during his life discovered this week they had been left with nothing in his will, after he gave £14 million to his wife, children and the Longleat estate.

The Times understands that at least one of the three wifelets still living in cottages on the estate are being kicked out by Ceawlin Thynn, his son, the eighth Marquess of Bath.

I know – hmm, no, knew – one of them. Who may or may not be included in that 74 number. Nice woman and all that but a defining feature was knowing very well the relationship between sex and which side the bread was buttered.

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  1. I suppose having to go through life sounding like a generic “Defence against the Dark Arts” master we should cut Mr Thynn a bit of slack.

  2. Yet another Chris

    Although we live very close to Longleat, I never met the ‘Old Lord Bath’ as he is known around here. My wife did quite a few times at charity functions she helped to organise. My wife reckons the Old Lord Bath was very charismatic and she could easily see why the wifelets existed.
    I have met his half sister, Lady Silvy, when she opened her house and grounds to charity fundraisers.
    I met his father (the ‘old old Lord Bath’ and Lions of Longleat inventor) at the Bath Arms in Horningsham – the village owned by the estate. We went in for a drink and he was sat at the bar. I didn’t know who he was, just a rough looking old guy with dogs. I tried a new ale recently put on. After a sip, he asked how it was. I said ‘good’ and, feeling sorry for what looked like a down-at-heal farm labourer, I bought him a pint. When I got back to my wife with the drinks, she asked me what Lord Bath had said!

  3. Serial or concurrent? If concurrent, he’s only seeing each woman three or four times a year (assuming no threesomes).

  4. The story is that he was v careful about this. Until very recently that is and I think he had one.

  5. The widely-quoted figure is 75 but one of them, a famous black model/actress known as Sylvia Bayo, died in a car crash in 2006.

  6. Yet Another Chris

    One other thing:the Lord Bath who had the wifelets was also known as the loins of Longleat.

  7. Hold on… The man had a harem that actually worked? Without the women causing an internal war at the estate over… well.. anything and everything, really.. That’s some powderkeg…

    That is an impressive achievement….

  8. Surely the landlord is breaking their tenancy agreement.

    What, sign a tenancy? We don’t want all that formality!

  9. Anon

    Not clear she was a famous **actress**, but she certainly appeared in plenty.. movies..

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