More male violence

Sixth-grade girl shoots three at Idaho middle school

It’s the patriarchy, no, really.

13 thoughts on “More male violence”

  1. Girls are rotten shots.

    I’ve just been reading an old Viz Comic strip which hinges around an attempt by an out of form footballer to hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

    Sounds like Arsenal.

  2. The Boomtown Rats' Only Good Song

    And he can see
    No reasons
    Cos there are
    No reasons
    What reason do you need to die, die oh oh oh

  3. And often misinterpreted.

    It is not “tell me why I don’t like Mondays”

    It is

    Q “tell me why”
    A “I don’t like Mondays:

    Supposedly the response given by some girl shooter on being asked why she had shot fellow pupils.

  4. “The Jefferson county sheriff, Steve Anderson, said the girl had fired multiple rounds inside and outside Rigby middle school”

    Had the Patriarchy trained this girl in an equitable manner, the casualties would have been far higher.

  5. 1979 in San Diego. I remember watching it on Newsround. She was firing from her house, which was across the road from the school, with a rifle.

    “I don’t like Mobdays, they make me blue.”

  6. This will be an interesting test of Steve Sailer’s Law of Mss Shootings.

    Though, tbf, he probably formulated it for males.

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