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Not sure what the complaint is here

A train operator has said its conductors will be warned to stop using the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen” following a complaint from a non-binary passenger.

The phrase seems to cover someone non-binary – it’s not ladies or gentlemen, is it?

The correct reaction is obvious though. Fuck off. Jeez these complaints about the minutiae of life and language are getting tedious. Enraging even. Sure, there’s some number of folks who live differently. That really doesn’t mean that 66 million people have to change their language as she is spoken.

13 thoughts on “Not sure what the complaint is here”

  1. As I said under Longrider’s piece on this.

    Presumably they should have said ladies, gentlemen and self obsessed attention seeking twats.

  2. If t’were me, I’d change it to “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” For the reeeeeeee!

  3. Trouble is, the poor bugger who has been shat upon can’t tell his bosses to fuck off. Let’s hope there is enough public outcry that they rethink, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. How can any company ever hope to satisfy all the varied (and constantly changing) demands from these activists?

    Answer: they can’t. The only way to win is not to play.

  5. Nutters are going to make vexatious complaints. That’s always been the case and predates the Tranny Madness which we currently suffer. The problem today is that companies do not tell them to piss off, politely or otherwise, but immediately roll over, beg for forgiveness and change their behaviour. Pointlessly, as Julia points out above.

    That is what annoys me, rather than the complaining loons.

  6. Leaving out the trans nonsense, some women aren’t ladies, some men aren’t gentlemen. But you still have to pick a door when you need a piss. Or is that why so many places have pictograms? Which are still binary, so we need a new one for the mentally ill.

  7. “But you still have to pick a door when you need a piss”

    That attitude is so last year. I refuse to be limited to use of the Gents

  8. @rhoda

    …so we need a new one for the mentally ill.

    The ones with a picture of a baby on them? (They normally double up as the disabled toilets.)

  9. @Tractor Gent. Encouragingly, it does seem that this has generated a significant negative reaction wherever the story has been discussed. Maybe the silent majority are tired of being silent?

    This creep is a union rep for the RMT. Apparently the RMT needs to have an alphabet soup specialist rep because qwerty types are special and need special attention. The RMT are now in the peculiar situation of having to defend the conductor this creature threw under the train. Oh what fun.

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