Oh, right

We know there was an organised party taking place in the back garden of an address in Consort Road. Sasha was among around 30 guests at the party.

“Shortly before 3am, four black males wearing dark clothing have gained entry into the garden through a side entrance and in the ensuing melee a firearm has been discharged, injuring Sasha. The suspects have then fled the garden.

“Our work is ongoing to establish the motive for this attack but I want to reiterate that nothing has been brought to our attention that suggests Sasha was targeted. I would urge anyone who can help our investigation to get in touch so we can ensure these dangerous individuals are identified and arrested.”

Wonder if any of those who know who the four are will tell the social workers necessary for investigating crime these days who they were?

25 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. I bet it was the years of colonial rule and systematic structural racism that forced these men to carry out their shooting.

  2. And meanwhile the news has been exploited by all the usual race grifters including the Fat Abbott from the Cathedral of Ignorance.

    London parties seem quite vibrant these days!

  3. @i sneeze in threes: more likely annoyed they weren’t invited!

    Also, the ‘Telegraph’ spills the beans she was about to be facing charges of racially abusing a cop.

  4. If we are going to import American notions of race relations then presumably we should import the handy slogan “stitches for snitches”.

  5. Just an incident of entirely normal party-based celebratory gunfire. I mean. who doesn’t remember going to parties and the guests simply, for no reason, open fire on each other?

  6. ” a firearm has been discharged”

    Proof indeed that “guns kill people”. Of course, more honest reporting would be “someone fired a shot”

  7. Good grief, the verb tenses there are atrocious. Who’s writing this tosh, a newspaper “journalist”?

  8. Hovers over link… Ah, yes. The “prove you’ve failed English before being allowed to work here” Guardian.

  9. BBC news update: “Five held on suspicion of attempted murder”. Enid Blyton not available for comment.

    Current Covid restrictions allow parties of thirty people outside, or six inside. It’s commendable that all thirty guests stayed outside in the garden, even though temperatures barely reached 6°C last Saturday night.

  10. I do feel a bit sorry for the three children she left behind in Oxford. I hope it wasn’t just a babysitter who had to go to work in the morning.

  11. “Black males wearing dark clothing “

    Aren’t they what JuliaM used to refer to as “MONA” – Men Of No Appearance…

  12. @SBML:

    … has no sense of self-preservation.

    Probably ‘Tourist Syndrome’ i.e he doesn’t think anything bad could happen to him.


    The irony of a nasty black racist bigot being shot in the head by other blacks is hilarious.

    You are a very bad man. Report for re-education immediately.

  13. Best of all, the police breakthrough in the case came from a stop-and-search. The gods of irony are smiling tonight.

  14. Best of all, the police breakthrough in the case came from a stop-and-search. The gods of irony are smiling tonight.

    @Dearieme – I do hope that’s true. It would be delicious irony if it was, irony which I am sure the Home Secretary will take obvious delight in, that the vicious murderers of the BLM thing were caught by stop-and-search, one of the measures they have bitched about since forever.

    Truly, this whole incident is a gift that keeps on giving.

    …and yes, I agree that I am a dreadful, dreadful, pale, stale male.

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