Poots Prevails!

Edwin Poots elected DUP leader to succeed Arlene Foster
Northern Ireland agriculture minister and young Earth creationist says someone else will be first minister

It’s fun, isn’t it? That he’s a young Earth creationist is plastered everywhere. Other views equally stupid never do get mentioned in this same manner. Who points at Hindus and laughs because they believe in reincarnation? Actually, the Dalai Lama gets applauded for the belief – this being the basis of his claim to be Dalai anything.

Or, to be more fashionably present, a quick rustle with a knife changes one’s sex.

And those who believe that socialism is perfectible? Or in the Labour Theory of Value? That last being clearly wrong simply because humans don’t behave that way. Could be true in some other universe that the value of something is that of the labour that goes into its production. Could even be true of some other species. But as humans don’t act as if it is it’s not a useful theory when detailing the behaviour of humans.

Still put that aside. What we now need to do is celebrate the name Poots and its elevation into headlinedom. It is just such a lovely name that there must be decent headlines that can be written.

Over to you….

20 thoughts on “Poots Prevails!”

  1. Actually I thought just saying it’d changed would change your sex.

    However his opposition to the Irish sea border proves to me that he’s a good bloke. I hope he manages to poot a stake through its heart.

  2. Boganboy, get your coat.

    See too Tim Farron.
    Who points at Hindus and laughs because they believe in reincarnation?
    The same too with any prominent RoPer. They are never questioned on their beliefs or their opinions on ropers blowing up, shooting and beheading non ropers either.

  3. A really fascinating thing about Young Earth Creationists is that although they can’t function with contemporary ideas of geology, for example, the age of the earth, plate tectonics, evolution and so on, they can do just fine in engineering geology, where finding out what is there, what its properties are and how it will behave when you do something to it generally beats understanding how it got there. Indeed, in many aspects of life, their views may well have zero impact on aspects of their behaviour or policies. This is because plate tectonics and evolution cause little change in a human lifetime, and much less in a political career and so don’t have to be taken into account.

    Besides, isn’t being an ignorant arsehole a big plus point in politics?

  4. I decided that Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, must be the real “Shakespeare” when I found out how much it annoyed English teachers.

    So mibbe there’s something to Pootsy’s idea that dinosaur skeletons were put there by the Devil.

    Though I’d be inclined towards the meta-troll and say dinosaurs are real and the Chicxulub crater was caused by an angry God punishing them for gay pterodactyl weddings.

  5. When they film some clips for Who Do They Think They Are: ‘Production crew shoots Poots roots’.

  6. “Who points at Hindus and laughs because they believe in reincarnation?”

    They’ll only do that if the person believing in reincarnation is white. Ask Glen Hoddle. He lost his job as England manager because he dared to espouse views that would make him a mainstream Hindu, but as a white man he’s not allowed to have those views.

  7. @jim Hardcore Christian as well.. That Trump and Shout business that seems to occupy them a lot…

    Anyhoo… let the man pooter aboot..

  8. Now then chaps, no Googling. Who said this?

    “What the deuce is it to me?” he interrupted impatiently; “you say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.”

  9. Paul from Canada

    The difference is that you cannot either prove or disprove the existence of re-incarnation with science and reason. It is a mater of belief and not falsifiable. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence against young earth creationism…..

  10. In a rational world both the belief in “young Earth creationism” and that a man in a dress is a woman just because he says so would be equally mocked and dismissed. Alas, the latter is Establishment credo and it is not a rational world.

  11. Every right thinking person knows that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe.

    His noodley goodness protects us all.


  12. dearieme

    Holmes to Watson, I would have to Google to remember which tale though I think it may have been an early one, possibly the first.

  13. The media are so obsessed with his Christian views that they don’t even look at his politics. He’s playing a blinder so far

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