Quite right too

Emmanuel Macron has bowed to Boris Johnson by stumping up French taxpayer cash to lead a bailout for Eurostar.

The French government and Eurostar’s other shareholders will stump up £200m to rescue the Channel Tunnel rail operator, with Britain not paying a penny or providing any loan guarantees, The Telegraph can reveal.

After all, they do own it…..

5 thoughts on “Quite right too”

  1. Blimey- he can say no.

    not paying a penny – am i imagining it but do those words seem loaded in dissapproval from the tele?

  2. I read the dead-tree version in the DT, and the general tone was approving: it’s a French company, not UK, so bailed out by its owners. Nowt to do with us.

  3. Well it’s quite a lot to do with us, but we aren’t the owners and we decided we didn’t want to own it when we sold our stake, so why change our minds now? Better that the bailout money comes from existing share holders and lender who have the most to lose from a company failure. We have very little to lose. If this company goes under we just buy tickets from and travel with the company that takes over the franchise.

  4. “Blimey- he can say no.”

    This is so unusual that I’m buying a round of virtual beers. Down the hatch.

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