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Richard Murphy says:
May 18 2021 at 6:12 pm
I am not in favour of the tax rates used then

That is apparent from what I am suggesting

But the reality is that most in the top 5% of taxpayers in the Uk pay no more in tax overall than anyone else in society and that is utterly inappropriate

Your response to that is?

It might, just, be possible to argue about percentages but even then I think that’s grossly wrong. But in absolute terms it’s a nonsense.

9 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. Anyone who doesn’t pay tax isn’t a taxpayer, so the top taxpayers must, by definition, pay most tax.

    What I think is interesting is the proportion of UK adults who pay no income tax. I personally think that is an injustice, and believe that everyone should pay something, even if it is only the “widow’s mite”. Indeed, I think that benefits should be paid with a note saying that the recipient would have got more, except that tax was withheld at whatever the appropriate rate was. That would make sure that even benefits recipients would have an interest in lowering tax rates.

  2. The JSA form does indeed say the payments are subject to tax – but they are so low to be way under the tax threshold. It’s only when you have managed to amass so many concurrent claims that you climb over 15K that you do indeed start to pay income tax on your benefits.


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  4. Spud’s claims are always “supported” by arguments that go…

    “Mumble mumble, tax breaks for the rich, mumble mumble, VAT is regressive, mumble mumble Council tax, mumble mumble I’ve proved my case”

  5. Andrew C, you forgot:

    “I’m right and everyone who challenges me is a neo liberal troll. Your time here is done.”

  6. “most in the top 5% of taxpayers in the Uk pay no more in tax overall than anyone else in society”
    So what does “top” mean?
    Answers on a dictionary of “Newspeak”, please

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    Think about it.

    It is close to the truth, frankly. The top 5% of taxpayers, pay no more tax, in aggregate, than the remaining 95%.

    Can’t be arrsed checking the actual figures but bet you my approximation argument is closer than the spudtastic one’s.

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