Seems a pity

“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” it read.

“Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.

“We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue to work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

The divorce, well, their lives. But the foundation?

It’s split into two rather different beasts. There’s the crusading and effective bit, the malaria vaccine and all that. Excellent stuff.

Then there’s the drivel of all those we must empower women pieces that appear in The Guardian sponsored by the other half of the foundation.

This is no doubt entirely and wholly sexist of me but the one bit strikes me as being from the man with the nous and drive to have dragged the PC into mass existence, the other someone fashionably along for the ride.

Splitting the foundation makes sense to me. But then I am indeed a sexist pig.

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  1. Wasnxt there a complaint (I haven’t looked it up, but of COURSE there was…) that women are under-represented in the ranks of billionaires?

    So at least Melinda is doung her bit by showing that ANY woman can become a billionaire too.

    All she needs do is marry a billionaire.

  2. I was a bit disappointed that BBC US correspondent they threw to didn’t explain a little more the finances. There was a big hoo-ha about lucky sperm club a few years back and Bill and Melinda claimed to be giving away 95 p.c of their wealth. Did they actually give it away with the stipulation they’ll still be deciding what happens to that money?

  3. If they succeed with a malaria vaccine, it is undoubtedly a great thing but I’m not generally reassured by geeky billionaires attempting to do good.

    Gates has always seemed to be an utter shit in life and business. Microsoft narrowly escaped being broken up in 2000 and was described by the judge as “a company with an institutional disdain for both the truth and for rules of law”. Why do we think Gates is out to do us any good?

  4. Given that, in these sort of curclex, Mr and Mrs tend to live completely separate lives, what’s the point of a divorce?

  5. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I am open to correction, but did I not read that this pair are personae non gratae in at least one country after previous experiments with alleged vaccines?

  6. Bloke in China (Germany Province)

    They are both wonderful people, and it is no problem at all that almost every mainstream media outlet in the western world is financially dependent on them to the tune of tens of millions a year. Shame on anyone who thinks that money might be used for anything other than philanthropic good and icnreasing the quality and variety of totally impartial journalism.

  7. @MC

    At first I was sceptical of Gates and his do-gooding because of the history you describe. But now I wonder if its his attempt at redemption. I might be wrong.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Geeky nerd spending his own money isn’t ideal, but the alternative is the government confiscating his money and giving to lefty types to do good.

  9. “Geeky nerd spending his own money isn’t ideal, but the alternative is the government confiscating his money and giving to lefty types to do good.”

    Isn’t the practical effect the same, in the realms of the sums we are talking about? The likes of Bill Gates aren’t going to be hands on, they’ll be contracting out the work to pretty much the same people that the State would be getting to their bidding. Who almost universally will be the usual soup of leftist international organisations, charities, NGOs and ‘non-profits’. In fact giving the money to government first might be better because they might waste more of it on admin and general graft etc, and less bad might arise from it on the ground in Umbongoland.

  10. @Jim Given that the malign influence of Gates is being felt in this country, with the unseemly rush to vaccinate all with untested vaccines, we are now Umbongoland.

  11. Gates is backing the crazy scheme to pump loads of dust into the upper atmosphere in order to dim the sun. Apparently this will ‘fix’ global warming so that’s all right then.

    The depopulation schemes of the mad, evil billionaires club, (aka Davos), seem to be proceeding nicely.

    If the vaccine doesn’t get you, you’ll end up dying of starvation and cold. Especially if John f’n Kerry gets his way and starts sucking all the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

    What wonderful times we live in.

  12. I too had interpreted it is the sainted Melinda unable to tolerate any more her mad husband’s megalomania and general evil.

  13. Bill is funding important research, like improved fission reactor designs. Not sure if that’s with his own dosh or through the foundation.

  14. Kevin B: To me, the artificial nuclear winter has one advantage; if it doesn’t work, you just stop dumping the dust in the atmosphere and things go back to what they were. Of course, as you point out, you might have starved or frozen before things readjust.

    Though I’d just add more sulphur to jet fuel. Much cheaper, and there’s no shortage of sulphur. Of course the purists would argue about acid rain. But they always make up some argument to try and make you do it their way.

    Of course by far the best solution is to do nothing. If the extra CO2 has any effect at all, it might save us from the next ice age.

  15. I can’t quite square Bill Gates’ obsession with cutting emissions and long expressed concerns about over population with the idea that he is also developing vaccines for malaria (and much else) with the idea of saving lots more lives. Something here doesn’t add up…

  16. I also imagine only one of those halves has seen actual results for its initiatives.

  17. Re Gate’s marriage failing, I wonder if he’s thought of turning it off, leaving it off for at least a minute, and then turning it on again a few times…..

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