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OMG, Sky! Murdoch! Racism!

Thousands of YouTube comments on Sky News Australia video celebrate BLM activist being shot in head
Exclusive: The racist and violent comments appear below a video news report about Sasha Johnson who was shot in the head in London

There is a useful little explanation here:

“Sky News Australia published a brief news report on the recent shooting of Sasha Johnson,” a spokesperson said. “Sky News Australia is not the author of user comments on the YouTube platform. We suggest you direct your inquiries to Google.”

It’s also worth considering that the vitriol is the vox populi. And why shouldn’t the people have their say?

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  1. Whilst that particular shooting in London is a terrible thing regardless of whether the victim is an awful racist or not, the negative reaction on the Sky Australia page that is condemned by the Guardian, does represent at least part of the vox populi as you say.

    The negative comments may also represent a profound disconnect as to how the BLM/Marxists group is viewed by different sectors of society. We might be seeing how the BLM/Marxists are supported by a media, academic and political elite, but are utterly rejected by those outside of these groups. In my view support or rejection of BLM/Marxists is an Ivory Tower/ Real world split with those not in Ivory Towers rejecting BLM/Marxists for their divisive racism.

  2. I didn’t celebrate the shooting. But I didn’t care about it either. Nor, given the likely social circles she moves in, was I much surprised.

    I also anticipate that she will claim at some point that the shooting was somehow the fault of white people.

  3. So my question is, is all that race stuff, bias on the news, police selectivism, BLM nonsense, CRT, TV ad casting, is it all DESIGNED to make me (as a part of vox populi) more racist. Because that is what it does, to the extent that people now are willing to talk about it with strangers.

  4. “We take the safety of our users very seriously and have strict policies that prohibit hate and harassment on YouTube, including content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups,” a spokesperson said.

    “Our community guidelines apply to videos and comments alike. Any flagged content found to violate our policies is removed from YouTube immediately.”

    Yesterday on YouTube you could still find a video of the lady herself aggressively calling a black person a “coon”, and offering to fight him. Nobody thought anything of it before she was shot.

  5. I’m afraid that my only reaction to the news of said shooting was that “karma can be a real bitch at times”.

  6. “I’m surprised it’s even on the news, it’s black on black.”

    It was on the news because the Beeb and its like were praying that it was white on black.

  7. I also anticipate that she will claim at some point that the shooting was somehow the fault of white people.

    Probably the fault of that nasty Second amendment, or something…

  8. Good on the bruce’s and Sheila’s I say!
    Seriously tho, the constant unremitting white hate and self-flagellation in the media only drives racial division to greater heights.
    It will end badly as Rhoda intimates.

    “Whilst I didn’t celebrate the shooting…” well my reaction was “oh dear what a shame, never mind”
    Ie the same reaction to the Floyd death- a felon who held a gun to a pregnant black woman’s belly when on a house break-in.
    Any number of people have died unjustly whilst I have been typing this- so I don’t give a fxxk about Sasha or George

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