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So here’s the thing to worry about

Five reasons why June 21 won’t be the return to normal we thought
The Prime Minister insists “the end really is in sight”, but it increasingly seems that may only apply to those who own a telescope

There are at least some – not necessarily Boris, at least not consciously – who will insist that the 21 st will be the end of the temporary restrictions. Those other ones that we see, well, they’re different. They’re going to be there forever, like that boot in the human face. They never could have been imposed without covid but now they have been, well, we the rules would like to keep them.

That’s all very paranoid of course. But we do know that there are bastards out there who would do this if they could…..

18 thoughts on “So here’s the thing to worry about”

  1. Bismarck did say that there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.

    So I’m sure things haven’t changed in 150 or so years.

  2. Ministers are reluctant to ban businesses from requiring customers to demonstrate their Covid-19 status

    That’s an absence of regulation: we should rejoice!

  3. As CS Lewis said, the worst tyranny is that of people doing it for the good of their victims. We need to have the right to go to hell in one’s own way without do-gooder interference written into law.

  4. The way I see this is that there are two competing factions. The Boris faction to lift the lockdowns and the traitors to keep it going. Both are issuing press releases. Who’s in charge of your government, Mr. Johnson?

  5. “That’s all very paranoid of course. ”

    Paranoia serves a purpose. In this case it should be applied liberally. And notes should be taken.

    Preferably in a little black book.

  6. RLJ +1 – there is clearly a power struggle going on here and I suspect it’s Gove the backstabber trying to shaft Bojo, hence Cummings’ recent pro-lockdown rants. So, despite everything, I sincerely hope that Boris wins, because Gove has been pushing authoritarian crackdowns from the start.

    Gove also has noisy support from the medical establishment, which has become deranged with fame and power.

    If only Boris had a spine. Sack Gove, sack any medico or scientist employed by the state if they talk to the press without permission and a script, and we’d be in much better fettle.

  7. Conspiracy theories of a year ago are truths today.
    Especially those suggested by the Orange Man.

    I’ll believe any relaxation when I see it. The Temperance Movement have finally won and destroyed the pub industry, the Green movement have won and will ban ICE cars and gas boilers, already it is nearly impossible to fly abroad and the authoritarians have won with a compulsory ID disguised as a vaccine pass.

  8. To get your vaccine passport you have to upload ALL your details (medical history, next of kin…) to a central database run by NHSX. Advice from anyone who knows anything about IT and even that bastion of freedom the EU was NOT to go for a central database, and yet they give the job to the outfit in charge of multiple NHS IT cock ups.
    OTOH I suppose this will mean you get less phishing and smishing. Why bother when there’s a one stop shop to hack.

  9. philip

    “To get your vaccine passport you have to upload” etc

    and get jabbed….

    And all for a low IFR virus that for the vast majority of young and healthy people is completely unnecessary.

    One might reasonably be somewhat suspicious when a disease is so bad, and yet one has to be cajoled (with the potential threat of loss of liberty) into taking a vaccine, and you need a test to tell you if you have it.

    An aside. If the phase 3 trials have now been unblinded (apparently those that took the Moderna placebo have since been told and 98% have taken the vaccine?), then how can the original trials be successfully concluded? Or did I just formally join the control group?

  10. I don’t think there’s remotely paranoid about suspecting that people whose profession is based on attaining power should be reluctant to relinquish it, in any shape or form. Especially (as suggested above) when it’s “to do good”.

  11. @Ottokring

    Well it now seems very likely that one idea put out by the orange man, namely that the virus was caused by a lab escape from Wuhan, was actually correct!

    18 scientists have signed a letter in the journal Science with the title “Investigate the origins of COVID-19”

    The two hypotheses:

    The discussion of the initial consensus against lab escape:


    Lab escape can explain all the available facts about COVID-19 considerably more easily than natural emergence.

    Wuhan Institute of Virology were doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells and humanized mice. The work was in the minimal safety conditions of a BSL2 laboratory – so a possible virus escape is very plausible. The pandemic broke out on the doorstep of the Wuhan institute. The virus was adapted to humans not to bats. No bat populations or intermediate species have been identified as the source of the virus. The virus possesses an unusual enhancement, a furin cleavage site with human codons, which is not possessed by any other known SARS-related beta-coronavirus.

    According to a fact sheet issued by the US State Department on January 15, 2021, “The U.S. government has reason to believe that several researchers inside the WIV became sick in autumn 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses.”

  12. Added to the “kills old people, leaves children”, it’s all a bit SciFi post-apocolypse. There was an original series Star Trek episode with exactly this plot line, “Miri” – ironically, banned by the Beeb first time round because it was “too distressing”.

  13. Even now ‘Miri” is strong stuff. It had the girl from True Grit in it and Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway driver.

    I think I know what happened in the Wuhan lab. They had a “Take a Bat Home” weekend, but some ended up in the soup.

  14. Does anyone think it’s going to return to “normal”? We’re all a lot poorer, for a start. Government’s grabbed a lot of powers it won’t want to relinquish. A bloody great chasm has opened up the salaried can ponce about working from home or on furlough & the poor sods who have to go to work to enable the cunts to be able to. The NHS is no longer the envy of the world?
    New normal, maybe

  15. “We’re all a lot poorer, for a start”

    But economists keep saying the public have built up £billions of savings, as a result of being locked up for a year or more.

    “The NHS is no longer the envy of the world?”

    Was it ever?

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