So that’s the noise level likely to rise again

Portugal is the only major holiday destination to make the “green” list for quarantine-free travel, with many of the other 11 countries still banning tourists or imposing tough restrictions.

Given that we live on the street of bars……and lockdown earnings have not been sufficient to build that next level of noise abatement.

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  1. It would be interesting to hear from you how many have survived. Contrary to what customers may believe, there was damn all money in running a bar in a holiday resort before Coronapanic. Usual story for the hospitality industry. Oversupply for the market. Few of them will have broken even in the past year & we’re not out of the wood yet.

  2. The business model here is – largely – that the bar is rented for the season off the landlord. Many do go bust in that season – but the landlord makes his nut.

  3. Exactly how it works here. The Thai property owner does ok, the foreigner running a bar, not so much.

  4. Quite a few closed down here – not sure how those that rent have managed at all.

    We’re still on the Amber list.

    Still, Lockdown ends on Sunday night. No need for SMS although a ‘Corona Passport’ is supposedly required to enter shops, restaurants and bars.

    Bizarre that on Sunday I’m allowed out for three hours after getting permission via SMS and everywhere is closed anyway. Monday I can be out all day and everywhere is open.

    I’m sure there is logic in there somewhere…

  5. &BiC
    Much the same here. But looking at the Covid map for our region, we’re still high & medium risk areas. (150-250/100,000 & 50-150/100,000) with vaccinations still at +60 years penetration. Effectively, the situation’s hardly changed. Seems likely we’re going to see those numbers rising as infection possibilities increase. We get a big spike, they going to lock down again? If the cycles like the last time, that’ll come some time in June/July. Or just ride it out. In which case why weren’t we doing that earlier?

  6. @BiS

    Vaccination has been remarkably efficient here – we are down to 33 y/o so far… For a country that didn’t have Broadband when I came in 2002 they have managed remarkable things with the new ‘NHS’ and on-line vax systems…

    But then they shut the country down again two weeks ago with two days notice so the shops and restaurants were rammed for two days… And in the middle of the Lockdown was Orthadox Easter with most restrictions lifted.

    You couldn’t make it up…

  7. Please stop rambling about bullshit “infection” numbers etc. Vast majority of them are false positive test shite.

    Lovely shot on twitter of the Bollywood bullshit from India as a covid corpse opens her eyes (she’s in an unzipped cheap looking body bag or summat) and she sees the camera and closes said eyes quick.

    Like Pallywood with its rows of “bodies” supposedly pulled dead out of a building downed by Israeli rockets-none of whom has a speck of dust on them. Bullshit agit-prop vids for the mugs. Bogus Blojob Johnson wants to keep the pot of fear boiling in far off places (where info USED to be hard to get) so it can be re-imported here in time for winter flu season UK fresh LDs. As he is determined to get his social credit tyranny. Internal vax pass first then joined with Digital Public Identity Wallet to get social credit system under weigh.

    With social credit oppression he can then force the greenshite on us:

    I see that from 2022 they plan to put limiters on new cars so you cant go above 70. More steps in the harassment division of “no-more-cars-for-plebs” plan. It will get lots killed while overtaking and that would have squashed it once. But not now Bogus increases his votes after killing 50-200,000 LD victims and arranging 350 thou potential extra cancer cases. Those kind of things don’t matter any more.

    But not all doom/gloom. Once the bill for LD ruin arrives + Sunak’s funny money inflation+ people become aware of what the greenfreak shit means inc social credit tyranny then Bogus’s rough ride will really begin.

  8. @Ecks. You should give us your preferred timetable for hanging all the scoundrels. I assume we’d agree to start with little Toni Blair. Then whom?

  9. I live in a northern English seaside town, and all through Lockdown the place has been rammed. It was only quiet a couple of weekends back because it pissed down.

    *And* we keep getting presentations to the Town Council from people wanting to “increase the tourist trade”. Did they ever look out of the car window on the way here? Oh, wait a bit, they’re making the presentation via video conferencing.

  10. @MrEcks, the speed limiter things is a safety thing like the removal of the hard shoulder. It’s actually an anti-safety thing. Bit like anything else politicians think of.

  11. Should be easy enough to destroy/de-activate the limiter anyway.

    As for hangings. Tempting as it would be, it would be better for Bliar and all the rest to lose their comfy lifestyles and live a long life watching everything they have tried to do systematically destroyed by the forces of freedom.

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