Sounds like a reasonable expanation

Why isn’t the government supporting a global minimum corporation tax rate?

Second, the UK is acting in its own self interests

Seems reasonable. Corporation tax is a bad tax, it has higher deadweight costs than other methods of raising the same revenue. It thus makes us poorer to get the revenue in this manner.

Didn’t expect the P³ to agree but there we are…….

8 thoughts on “Sounds like a reasonable expanation”

  1. Second, the UK is acting in its own self interests

    The fact that spud sees this as bad, along with much of the Left, is the reason they are nowhere near winning an election.

  2. I could get behind a maximum corporation tax rate.

    Be careful. The real minimum wage is zero, so you can figure out what the real maximum corporation tax rate is.

  3. Country: We need £10 to fund our spending.
    Campaigner: NO! You must collect £20!!
    Country: But we only need £10 to fund our spending.
    Campaigner: You Need To Collect £20!!!!
    Country: But we only need £10, we’ll end up piling up loads of money.
    Campaigner: YOU. NEED. TO. COLLECT. £20!!!!!!!!

  4. He’d be the first to complain if the global tax rate is too low.

    And complain again when told ‘there’s nothing you can do about it – the people deciding these things aren’t interesting in your witterings’.

  5. Well, I certainly agree with someone other than me paying the taxes.

    But I definitely do not agree with bloody foreigners interfering even more with my country.

    Quite obviously, everyone should be at liberty to mismanage their affairs as they see fit. But of course we should then be at liberty to sink the refugee boats when they try to dump the results of their failure on us.

  6. Unlikely many Govts will agree with the stunning tag team of Murph and Biden about Int’l Corp Tax.

    UK can be a tax haven with low corp tax and by abolishing VAT also. Good competition for the scum of the EU.

  7. If it were implemented, I will count the moments until unexpected effects happen. Will the profits to be taxed be made in the “right” places?

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