The Great Marmite Shortage

I’ve been ever so slightly pissed off about not being able to get Marmite, that essential part of good living. I had been thinking that it was just this Brexity thing – and so it’s a small pain for me as part of that giant leap for Britain.

Then someone pointed out that the pubs have been closed. Beer production is down. Ah, yes, as Marmite is simply boiled brewer’s yeast that does make sense, doesn’t it?

Still leaving that toast a little naked but at least I understand now.

29 thoughts on “The Great Marmite Shortage”

  1. But what percentage of the yeast filtered out during the brewing process ends up being made into Marmite? Can’t be much or the world would be awash with the vile stuff.

  2. Nah.

    I hear the same story and rushed to my local supermarket to see if I could grab some before it all disappeared. Plenty on the shelves.

    Including a ‘special’ which was infused with chili and the XS version.

    If you’re desperate I could always post some out to you.

  3. The herbalist & general woo purveyor round the corner from me is selling 500g packets of dried brewer’s yeast at 5€ a go. Apparently it must be good for something apart from making beer. Farts?

  4. I’m with Timmy on this one. I make an annual trip back to blighty from France to stock up on three things. Mature cheddar, Hellmanns and Marmite. All necessary for a reasonable quality of life, and things that the French, for all their culinary skills, haven’t yet understood.

  5. @Anteros
    You should be able to get Hellmanns at E-LeClerk. Be on the foreign food shelf along with Heinz beans, corned beef, teriyaki sauce etc. If it isn’t just in with the normal mayonnaises. Carrefour too. I used to do the same as you with the mature cheddar on visits. About 10 kilos of it. French family adored it. Bacon & sausages as well. Weird. Brit sausages are a variety of cake by French standards.

  6. I’m always amused by the YT clips showing “American tries British food” where they spread Marmite like it was peanut butter and then express their disbelief that anyone could enjoy eating it. Perhaps the manufacturer should put a warning on the label for Marmite virgins, “Apply one molecule thick”.

  7. @Anteros

    Unless you don’t like mayonnaise and prefer the Hellman’s stuff, you could try Maille Mayonnaise Fine – Qualité Traiteur, from the chilled cabinet. It has a hint of Dijon mustard in it to give it a boost.

    Also cheeses: Laguiole and Cantal vieux are tangy and similar to cheddar.

  8. ginger biscuits in Tesco 45 pence, ginger biscuits in Carrefour (only the mega stores) 2 or 3 euros. Thanks to the EU I suppose.

  9. Philip… Isn’t that more the general french attitude of “You want to eat Foreign Stuff and scorn our Cuisine? Ok, then you’ll pay for it…” ?

    Anything that isn’t labelled “Vive la France” is insanely overpriced there..

  10. A while ago, I offered some Marmite to a Buddhist monk who was visiting from Thailand. Cereal, milk jug, toast, butter, and a jar of Marmite alongside the usual jams and peanut butter.

    He opened the lid and spooned it down like a yogurt, saying it was very nice, but a bit salty.

  11. Suffering from Marmite withdrawal symptoms, I accepted a taste of Vegemite from my Australian neighbour. Allegedly similar to Marmite, while grateful for the tasting, feel it should definitely remain in the southern hemisphere.

  12. Vegemite was originally going to be called Pa Will, because Ma Might. Not a lot of people know that.

  13. “Mature cheddar, Hellmanns and Marmite”: Aldi’s own brand Hellmans is better than Hellmans’s Hellmans.

  14. Oh…..



    Usually lurk here and don’t comment but @asiaseen and @Tractor Gent… you are the only other people who I’ve ever come across admitting to SPREADING Bovril (sandwiches, toast, crackers) rather than drinking it. Which is something I have been doing since I was a small boy, much to the consternation of everyone but my immediate family.

    Marmite is nice but deffo second best. And that antipodean stuff is yuk.


  15. Been in very short supply in my parts, snapped up 2 jars last time I saw it a month ago and haven’t seen It since.

  16. For some weird reason, Marmite (real Marmite )is called Mighty in New Zealand. The stuff sold in Marmite jars is produced I think in Australia and like Vegemite is crap.

  17. @TW, @TGent @asiaseen

    I’m originally from Bristawl and I know Tim is from Baff. Is this Bovril-spreading disease a south west thing?

    Please confirm or deny.


  18. Shiney: Nope. I hail originally from Lancashire. However the Bovril & soft cheese thing developed in adulthood. I don’t think geography was an influence, not sure what was TBH.

  19. Bovril makes a great drink – it used to be popular at footie grounds, especially north of the border:
    “Hey you, get me a Bovril!”

  20. @shiney.
    Me too, I spread Bovril on buttered toast. afaik, its a brummie thing, seems others differ.

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