The Guardian’s attitude to life nicely summed up

Shrek at 20: an unfunny and overrated low for blockbuster animation
The fairytale comedy was a hit with critics and audiences but its toilet humour, glibness and shoddy animation mark it out as a misfire

Folks like it. Therefore it is bad.

20 thoughts on “The Guardian’s attitude to life nicely summed up”

  1. People like it for the very reasons these sanctimonious twats vilify it. They hate the common people. See also your comments regarding the Labour party.

  2. I rewatched a couple of them recently. They are actually better than I remembered, and have layers for kids and adults. And the animation was pretty good for its time.

    Sour, salty, Guardian.

  3. Grauniad revisionism

    Box office speaks for itself

    I would have thought its main themes (ogre ethnic minorities, equal right for donkeys, celebration of different lifestyles, an end to tyranny, the importance of friendship and working together) would play well with the wokester shills at the grauniad

    Not enough black people or palestinians I suppose

  4. They also have an ongoing series called ‘Hear me out…’ where they take some criminally bad film and try to convince readers that it’s actually good.

    They must know what they’re doing is clickbaity shit. I’m reminded of that scene in the wonderful ‘Caro Diario’, where a film reviewer, who had gaven a glowing review to ‘Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer’, blubs as he is forced to rewatch the film with his own review being read to him.

  5. And at the same time, it’s publishing articles wondering why Nish Kumar isn’t hugely celebrated as a comic.

  6. It’s a classic. It’s in the Library of Congress for a good reason, that it upended the fairy tale and did it very well.

  7. Funnily enough, the Guardian movie reviews are the one part of the paper that doesn’t generally suck.

    Their movie reviews mostly align with my own personal preferences which is useful since the utter dreck that the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes have become.

    Are there any film review websites that haven’t succumbed to the woke snowflakes, or the advertising pressures of the big film studios gaming the system?

  8. I did always wonder why they got Mike Myers (presumably at huge cost) to do a Robbie Coltrane impersonation as Shrek when they could have got Robbie Coltrane for a lot less.

  9. “You’ve watched 7 Shreks in the last year. Since 2001, tens of millions have placed their trust in our high quality fearless liberal telling of updated fairy tales about ogres. With viewers’ support, we remain open to all, fiercely independent, and can continue chasing the truth.

    How about showing your support by becoming a digital subscriber. This isn’t a pay wall, but how about paying us £5.99 a month to receive a rich, ad-free Shrek experience?”

  10. To be honest, I think The Guardian missed a trick in their condemnation of Shrek. They should have denounced it as American cultural appropriation of British pantomime.

  11. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    One dive into the author’s writings at the Guardian and what you find is that he’s busy humping movies that weren’t worth a shit… Heaven’s Gate is a perfect example. Actually, I consider Heaven’s Gate as the measure of any film critic. If you sit down and write a piece claiming Heaven’s Gate is a misunderstood masterpiece, well, you’re a posturing pseudo-intellectual. I call it the Breathless Test. If you’re going to claim Goddard’s Breathless is a masterpiece, I’m going to claim you’re full of shit.

  12. I love Shrek. I feel slightly boggled that it’s twenty years old.

    I loved it when Shrek knew that the princess would be in the tallest tower because he read it in a book once. He had been reading it as he was using it to wipe his arse with.

  13. Donkey fucked a dragon and produced mutant babies! How much diversity can one movie deliver?

    Their movie reviews mostly align with my own personal preferences which is useful since the utter dreck that the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes have become.

    Sure, but it’s about how you interpret them. If the movie gets rave critic scores and mediocre audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes it’s some woke garbage. On the other hand, if the critics hate it and it’s got rave audience reviews then it’s probably a barnstormer.

    As for the text that goes along with the reviews, Meh! Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one and they all think theirs don’t stink.

  14. Shrek and the Ice Age films (apart from the first one which was not that good) are possibly the only films an adult can watch with a pre 10 year old child and they both enjoy it.

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