The Guardian’s going to get shouted at

This ruling, the result of a judicial review brought by 23-year-old Keira Bell – born female, she was prescribed blockers by GIDS at 16 and now regrets her transition – has effectively curtailed medical intervention for children with gender dysphoria.

The correct – woke, not actually correct- phrase these days is identified as female, isn’t it?

We can hear the shrieks in the distance as that round robin letter decrying The G’s anti-trans disgustingness gets circulated. Starting with The G’s own staff of course.

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  1. ’ He worries that too much emphasis is placed on gender and not enough on sexuality – “the children are often gay” – and he continues to be anxious about co-morbidities such as anorexia, autism and history of trauma in its patients. “Some of the children are depressed. It’s said that it’s their gender that is the cause of this, but how do we know? And why don’t we try to treat that first?”..’

    Because there’s an agenda being pushed here, and it’s about as far from the normal concept of patient care as it’s possible to get….

  2. effectively curtailed medical intervention for children with gender dysphoria

    Has it? Huge, if true. Now time to move on to prosecuting and defrocking the “doctors” who promote these “treatments” and the misogynistic perverts (AKA ‘trans activists’) who drive young girls to hate themselves.

  3. GIDS was unable to produce for the court any data relating to outcomes and effects, whether desirable or adverse, in children who had been prescribed puberty blockers; nor could it provide details of the number and ages of children who had been given them

    We’re constantly told by so-called ‘trans rights activists’ that their beliefs are supported by the ‘science’. This court case has shown that claim to be the lie that it is.

    Far from being grateful to him for alerting it to a potentially dangerous situation, the trust’s position appeared defensive – having read the correspondence involved, perhaps aggressively so – almost from the start.

    If your first reaction to staff raising their concerns is to attack them, it’s probably because you know you’re doing something wrong. The whole child to trannie industry seems to be motivated by something other than concern for children.

  4. The whole child to trannie industry seems to be motivated by something other than concern for children.

    Oh they’re concerned about children all right, that’s 90% of the fucking problem. A coordinated dawn raid on the hard drives associated with the UK’s 100 leading tranny activists would take most of them out.

    Just make sure they don’t go into a women’s prison.

  5. I think it’s ackshually ‘assigned female gender’ at birth, as though there’s a choice.

  6. Yes, they rummage in a sorting hat in the maternity room. plop, wahhh!!! rummage rummage, congratulations Mzzz Smith, it’s…. a kangaroo!

  7. What I wish people would understand when they criticize the U.S. healthcare system, is that we prefer a system that allows doctors and privately funded hospitals to decide what is best for their patients–while also having the taxpayer-funded safety nets of Medicaid and Medicare.

    When the government effectively runs all of your country’s hospitals, you inevitably have government-mandated healthcare policy across the board, even in places where it doesn’t apply. And those decisions are meant to prioritize winning elections, not providing quality care.

    Not saying our system is perfect, but at least don’t rush to judgment just because it doesn’t sound as nice to you on the surface.

  8. “the children are often gay”

    No shit, Sherlock… It’s one of the defining symptoms of true gender dysphoria, and the one that’s most easily recognised because it shows on the outside..

  9. “the children are often gay”

    Because it’s easier to convince a gay child they are in the wrong body than to accept they are gay.
    The trans promoters are very anti-gay

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