The P³ on climate change

Richard Murphy says:
May 16 2021 at 7:12 am
We don’t have a choice

Cost does not come into it

Is it possible to make a more non-economic statement than that?

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  1. The whole point about fussing over climate change is the cost!
    The cost in human terms (if the worst come to pass) is hunger (and in a relatively few cases, starvation) due to the inability to grow traditional crops due to “too hot”/”too dry”/”too wet” – offset by a vast increase in the ability to grow crops in Siberia – rising sea levels (mostly a few inches), degradation of coral reefs …
    The cost in money terms is whatever the rich nations *choose* to spend to reduce CO2 emissions and to compensate poor nations for the hardships they suffer.
    “We don’t have a choice”: maybe he doesn’t but Xi JinPing does.

  2. “But, now the ability to meet want is constrained by nature. Some forms of want – including excess travel, existing heating and some forms of consumption most especially – are incompatible with climate change and our own survival.”

    This from the man, the single man, who lives in a house with 4 bedrooms and 3 public rooms. That’s an excess of four to five rooms above a reasonable level of consumption.

    (Can we stop this obsession with the address please? – Tim)
    Fvck off, cvnt.

  3. So if we insisted on closing down Tax Research to save energy use, that cost (loss of Prof3’s livelihood) doesn’t come into it?

    Or would he go all Bjorn Lomborg on us, saying that is not a justified sacrifice?

  4. His next response vibrating this absolute gem:

    “I know the government is a sovereign money issuer

    And I have explained at length the MMT ignores the fact that government deficits funded by currency issuance create private wealth disparities that are deeply harmful to society

    So I am suggesting capturing private capital using the power of the state to reduce inequality”

    As a statement by itself , obnoxious though it is, its own internal logic holds up. However, the context is his proposal for Green Development Bonds, as set out in his letter with Clive Lewis, Caroline Lucas and our favourite national Socialist Colin Hines.

    These bonds are being sold as good for the investor. Sorry, but “capturing private capital” to remove “wealth disparities” and “inequality” gives the lie to that. It is an attempt to confiscate the savings of pensioners, dressed up as an opportunity. It will require coercion; Murphy and Hines wouldn’t be involved if it didn’t.

  5. But what if we spend all that money and it turns out that the climate change alarmists were wrong?

    Or let’s put it another way, the climate change alarmists are wrong. We know this because they are always wrong. Reality consistently refuses to conform to their predictions, in many cases doing the precise opposite. So we don’t really need to spend anything to mitigate problems that aren’t going to happen anyway.

  6. “Climate change” is a bandwagon Richie scrambled to climb up on. The only economic aspect he’s concerned about is can he can he make a buck out of it?

  7. It’s P³… There’s no doubt he will be able to stun us with something even worse in the near future.

  8. He’ll be gluing himself to shop windows soon. Extinction Rebellion must be the only clown show he hasn’t managed to piss off, yet

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Did he really pay £5k over asking price?

    Sold April 2016 £330,000 +£116,000 (54%)

    Listed February 2016 £325,000

    Sold May 2004 £214,000

    I and asking price here because it really has some unique features that we needed and they were few and far between and I wanted it off the market before anyone else saw it. But over the asking price for a bog standard house?

  10. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Cost does not come into it

    Translation: I can’t find anyone to give me money to dick around with sustainable cost accounting, so fuck it.

  11. This comment right here:

    ‘ it will require coercion; Murphy and Hines wouldn’t be involved if it didn’t.’

    Couldn’t get more accurate than that

  12. @BraveFart,

    According to planning records, he’s added a rear extension since he bought it. The neighbours objected due to loss of light, but as in the real world Ritchie doesn’t give a shit about anyone else so went ahead, got it passed and built it. I guess the ego just needed the extra space.

  13. Climate change cockrot is Marxism attempting to ruin the West by adding trillions in costs to our economies. Also turning our nations into permanent police states –or possibly a one world setup– all using absolutely deceitful eco-freak trickery.

    Support for such IS treason and needs to be declared to be that crime.

    However with Bluemarxist social credit seeking scum like Blojob Bogus Johnson as PM –it is likely the treason charges will be heading the other way–ie in our direction.

  14. BiND. In 2016 there was a bit of a rush to beat Stamp Duty changes on March 31. Feb 2016 was a bit late to market for that window, and I would have expected the price to drop for an April completion

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