The perfect is the enemy of the good

It isn’t true that all women have vaginas nor that the correct definition of who is a woman is having a vagina. Similarly, it is not true that all men are stronger than all women:

A student who said women have vaginas and that it ‘was a fact’ that men are physically stronger is being investigated by her university. Lisa Keogh, 29, who studies law at Abertay University in Dundee, is facing disciplinary action after classmates reported the ‘offensive’ and ‘discriminatory’ remarks to staff.

However, it’s a pretty damn good approximation of how the world is.

Vaginal atresia is a condition in which the vagina is abnormally closed or absent. The main causes can either be complete vaginal hypoplasia, or a vaginal obstruction, often caused by an imperforate hymen or, less commonly, a transverse vaginal septum.[1][failed verification] It results in uterovaginal outflow tract obstruction. This condition does not usually occur by itself within an individual, but coupled with other developmental disorders within the female.[2] The disorders that are usually coupled with a female who has vaginal atresia are Rokitansky-Mayer- Küster-Hauser syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, or Fraser syndrome.[2] One out of every 5,000 women have this abnormality.

The statement that all women have vaginas, or that the presence of a vagina is definitional for woman is not true. But in being correct 4,999 times out of five thousand it’s close enough to being true that we can use it as a useful definition.

As with, say, Newton’s Equations. They’re good enough to get a rocket to the Moon, they work for most uses that we’re likely to have here on Earth. They start to be inadequate if we want to stick a lander on Mercury of if we’re trying to figure out stuff about fission or fusion perhaps.

It simply isn’t true that we all need to start doing tensor or field equations in order to work out the direction to point the cannon in.

So too our descriptions of male and female. Good enough as a short hand is good enough. We can then go on to deal with the edge cases at the extremes of our definitions when we need to.

But then that’s sensible and also how we deal with everything else which is exactly why we’re not doing it here, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “The perfect is the enemy of the good”

  1. A lot of university is just becoming like a religion now. Should be about going there to study law, actually becoming more about observance of moral codes. Complaining about “women have vaginas” is as dumb as “god says not to eat bacon” (why did he make it so tasty then?).

    Along with the cost and the time, smart rational people will start trying to work around university.

  2. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    She’s 29 and has been hung out to dry by 18- 20 year olds.

    In just ten years this mind virus has infected everyone.

  3. An acquaintance of mine in a lecture stated that one of his colleagues told him that he has as complete faith in ‘Climate Change’ as he has in Newton’s Laws of Motion’, which I thought summed up what ‘Climate Change’ is all about, but missed the point that you can demonstrate for yourself or for an audience with simple experiments that Newton’s Laws are good enough for most purposes, but to demonstrate ‘Climate Change’ you have to:
    Cherry-pick your observations
    Discard any data that doesn’t fit your ideas
    No-platform people with data that disproves your ideas
    Abuse the people you no-platformed
    Attribute a huge range of phenomena to your idea (and conveniently not listen when people show you that it’s something else)
    Farm subsidies on the back of it
    Prove it by reference to deliberation of sages using arcane procedures like computer software, birds’ flight or animal entrails (the interpretation of which cqannot be questioned)
    and so on.
    ‘Climate change’ meets all the criteria for a religion.
    As to all women having vaginas, well yes, Tim, I take your point(s) about there being exceptions, but the observation is accurate enough. After all, with a simple experiment it could be demonstrated to be true on the whole (no pun intended), whereas the chromosome test is probably too complex for a routine determination.
    Being a queynt is fortunately not the same as having one.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    One out of every 5,000 women have this abnormality….. and that one is not and never has been endowed with a todger.

  5. and was abused by classmates who called her a ‘typical white, cis girl’

    I don’t actually enjoy being unkind, but the picture they chose makes her look like a tranny. (Might just be Scottish tho)

    Btw, the rise of the trannies is particularly hard on Plain Janes. Nobody used to suspect homely girls of having a willy, you just thought of them as a four-pinter, but here we are.

    and accused her of calling women the ‘weaker sex’.

    They are. Andy Kaufman scientifically proved this in 1979.

    Re: the Junior Spies, Cronus did nothing wrong. I’m from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all, with lions, with flamethrowers, with packs of feral blood-weasels riding their manes into battle.

    ‘Climate change’ meets all the criteria for a religion.

    Sort of, but no.

    Religions are generative. Doesn’t matter how silly you think believing a man-God willingly suffered torture and death for our sins is, or how improbable Mohammed flying to the Moon on a magic horse is, or what you think of the off-kilter nature of the Pootsian approach to nature.

    Religions are generative, and therefore the game can continue across multiple generations. In its secret Darwinian heart, all morality boils down to survival. Not necessarily for you, but for the tribe.

    Climate Change, which is merely one of the various mystery sects of Clown World (the other main ones being worship of the Sacred Brown People*, and transgendersubstantiation), is contra-survival. It is an eschatological cult, worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses, because the JW’s don’t voluntarily seek to bring about their own extinction.

    *So long as they’re violent junkies, itinerant sex offenders, or resource-mooching parasites. Unborn babies and Conservative Home Secretaries need not apply.

    Jonestown, to the theme tune of Yakety Sax.

  6. TMB: “and that one is not and never has been endowed with a todger.”

    I’m afraid medical literature is not your friend here.. Chromosomal XX with “male” genetalia does exist.
    extremely rare, but still..
    Question is, of course, whether you should let the exception determine the rule.
    Or in the case of the Abertay University in Dundee… Let the inmates run the asylum.

    And really.. “typical, cis white girl”? Anyone decent at debate could take that “accusation” and turn it into a huge cluebat against whoever is using it. There’s at least 4 or 5 logical fallacies in that one statement.
    m(r )(i)s(s). Keogh should face a disciplinary committee, for exactly failing to do that while pursueing a law degree where you can reasonably expect people to pick up on that kind of stuff and be able to deal with it.
    Assuming the university in question actually teaches Law, and not Wokery 101.

  7. I don’t actually enjoy being unkind . . .

    For myself, I don’t actually enjoy that I actually enjoy being unkind.

    Much (most?) comedy consists of being unkind. You are a comedic genius, Steve.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    Grikath: Chromosomal XX with “male” genetalia does exist.

    thanks, but does vaginal atresia (sounds like something off Gardners’ Question Time) combined with a todger? Must be a bit crowded down there if so!

  9. Ms Keogh told the newspaper she fears that any sanction could wreck her dream of becoming a human rights lawyer.

    Well, it’s an ill wind that blows no good

  10. Obviously the thing to do is to note the names of the complainants and attempt to ensure that any effort they might make to be employed doing something useful is destroyed by informing the would-be employer that such-and-such was an unsuitable candidate for employment because it had difficulties dealing with reality and preferred its own delusions to the real world. Thus it would likely transgress and sue if any of their internal policies or practices weren’t coherent with their delusions. So they’d lose any export license, any ability to maintain secrets, the ability to maintain the terms of contracts and so forth.

  11. All of the trannie shite already is a religion–along with climate change tripe–it is called socialism.

    These are all the latest cockrot that has now done away with tractor-stats and claims of vastly greater production under socialism. The new guard of lying shite have got going so fast some of the old guard of red turds are being left behind–no pun intended–but socialismo’s latest bag of evil is what it all is.

    All of the fuckers must be Purged and now punished because they have an actual attempt to destroy and enslave us all under weigh. Not only must that attempt be defeated its authors must be left wishing they were never born.

    Because that is what they have planned for all of us. And esp those future generations they have got to with their lying kommie krap.

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