The Wisdom of Steve

…the rise of the trannies is particularly hard on Plain Janes. Nobody used to suspect homely girls of having a willy, you just thought of them as a four-pinter, but here we are.

17 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Steve”

  1. The average tranny looks like a bloke in drag. From personal experience, even 10 pints isn’t enough 🙁

  2. From personal experience, even 10 pints isn’t enough

    How many pints did it take? Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. Steve has said something so very true there. There was a girl(?) sitting at a table near ours recently. Normally I would have said fairly attractive. But there was something about her jaw line. And I was trying to get a glimpse of her hands, which is often a clue. So I sought the opinion of my companions. Both female. One said no. Other said possibly.
    I’m sure we wouldn’t have been doing this, couple of years ago.

  4. Dennis, Enjoying the Discomfort of Others

    And when the Plain Janes complain, please remind them that being mistaken for a tranny these days is one of the many legacies of feminism. A feminism that many of them still embrace.

  5. Steve has hit the nail … oh, matron! … on the head. I did wonder when I saw a photo of Melinda Gates.

    Still it’s a new tool … oh, matron! … in the toolbox for a heavy-handed seducer. “Prove you’re a woman!”

  6. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Being mistaken for someone very close to the pinnacle of the New Order is a compliment.

  7. “Man’s hands” is not necessarily a good indication. I’ve known women whose mitts seemed to have been transplanted from Pat Jennings.

  8. TBH I preferred the bit about flamethrower-wielding lions and bloodweasels cleansing the world of perverts, narcissists and humanities departments.

  9. “body shape is a giveaway too. Look at the hips.”

    Nah. Some of them get silicone work done.

  10. Come to think of it, I’m probably up in the *Expert* class when it comes to trannie spotting. I get exposed to the S. American professionals. Some of them are in the ‘9 out of 10 men definitely would’ class. You have to be very alert.

  11. There’s a good story around that. Had an English visitor over had heard about the industrial estate outside Malaga is over-run with prossies nights. Kept pestering to be taken to see it. So I took him to the street where all the trannies work. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
    I really am not a very nice Bloke, am I?

  12. I’m sure you all know the joke about the guy who goes to Bangkok and picks up the most gorgeous woman he’s ever met. She offers to take him back to her place. He only realises that something is wrong when they get to her house and she reverses first time into a parking space.

  13. Otto, or the one about the newly married couple on their wedding night. Bride says she has a confession – “I used to be a hooker” she says, hubby replies “no problem my darling, that was in the past”, wifey goes on to say “I played for Saracens”.

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