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They do love this picture

Perhaps not this particular picture, but ones of ‘planes taken from this viewpoint.

It looks like it’s ‘shopped and this specific one even might be. But there is one place where this is actually normal – St Martin (or, Sint Maarten as half the island is Cloggie). The airport runway starts right on the edge of the beach. So ‘planes really do come in – just about – this low over the gamboling crowds.

There’s even a market, as this piccie shows, for capturing an image of each individual airline that flies in there.

Not important or anything, just fun.

14 thoughts on “They do love this picture”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Each to their own, but I wouldn’t call put up with that, even once a day, a holiday.

  2. Would have thought the noise and smell of the exhaust would be a nuisance. But no doubt some people like that sort of thing.

  3. As kids we used to climb the fence at Luton Airport and creep up the hill (it’s on a sort of plateau) to wait under the edge of the runway and watch the planes come in. Really scary as you see the lights in the distance and they come looming closer. And there’s a sort of twittering whistling sound in the air some time after they pass. I guess it is some sort of turbulence that they stir up behind them. We could hear it quite clearly, as once they had gone over the lip of the runway the engine noise faded rapidly.

  4. Have been to St Martin and had a beer at the bar at the end of the runway. Great fun to be had trying to hold onto the fence/ beer whilst being blasted by the wash of the jet engines winding up for take off

  5. @DC… There are clips on youtube showing people being blown off the beach and into the sea by 747s spooling-up at the end of the runway prior to takeoff.. 🙂

  6. When I was a kid we had RAF fast jets regularly screaming overhead at 250ft altitude and 480 knots. A tad more impressive than a jet trundling overhead at 120 knots. We thought they were a complete pain in the crack, to be honest. Absolutely deafening and they always very suddenly came out of nowhere. That’s the sound of freedom, though.

  7. Obvious fake, Compare the size of theople index the plane to the height of the door on the plane, or the sidze of the portholes.

  8. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Alex has obviously never been in a plane.

    The windsock is a nice touch.

  9. The plane appears in the foreground because it is sharp, being the subject of the focus, but it is a long way back. You can see the people of the beach looking up at, waving to and taking photos of the plane. We tend to assume things out of focus are behind, but they can just as easily be in front.

    If the plane isn’t there, something is, because lots of people are looking at it.

  10. They put restrictions on the viewing before the flights stopped – a woman was killed and that lead to changes. She was standing in the blast of engines hanging onto the fence; lost her grip and was blown back into a concrete road barrier and suffered fatal head injuries I think.

  11. Alex,

    Looks consistent to me. Shadow positions/angles, sizes (we know from shadow where the plane is relative to the ground) and similar, and what’s happening on the ground as someone else said. Prepared to bet there are others with the same landscape background.

    Doesn’t mean it isn’t fudged (you can fudge most stuff with enough effort if you really want), but it is consistent, and what would be the point.

    “The windsock is a nice touch” Yes. Long term palm tree shape too – definitely the normal approach.

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