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So, landfill stink. Well, sure, real problem. But this:

Some of the hardest hit are residents of a Traveller site situated just metres away from the quarry, where people feel they are being ignored by authorities.

“I think we’re the closest to it, it’s definitely affected our health since we’ve lived here. I’ve had to move on to inhalers, I could hardly breathe,” said Dorothy Price, 76, who has lived at Cemetery Road caravan park for close to a decade.

So not a very mobile traveller then……

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  1. I laughed out loud when I first came across the term “settled Traveller” which is used unironically in Ireland. Not sure if the same oxymoron is used in Blighty

  2. Maybe they should ask which bureaucrat granted the planning permission for the residential area so close to a landfill?

  3. @ BiW
    Residential area prior to granting of permission for landfill by John Prescott, over objections by local councils.
    The Grauniad will probably edit that out of reprints.

  4. The Pedant-General

    Wait – permission granted by John Prescott? So that means the landfill was there BEFORE this unlucky traveller moved in…

  5. @The Pedant-General

    Causality is White Privilege. Causality is no reason to oppose compensation for a dump created before moving next to it.

    /sarc (though it’s so hard to tell these days, Babylon Bee have just about given up)

  6. Virtually everyone who was born a British citizen in what is now the Irish Republic has died, because 2022 will be the centenary of the establishment of the Irish Free State. Therefore it would be a good time to scrap the various privileges extended to the Oirish by the UK. If done intelligently it could provide a means of dealing with part of the “traveller” problem.

  7. @dearime

    If done intelligently …

    This is the state you are talking about. They will find a way to bollix it up even further.

  8. The common travel (and voting) area with Eire is no longer appropriate between a free country and and EU member, as dearieme writes and the EU hints at. We should indeed scrap it without replacement. And nobody should consider for an instant making a similar deal with any suggested independent Jockistan.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I think of the state of our village hall and playground after they’d spent a week there you’d think they’d be feeling at home. We had to get a company in to sanitize the place.

    That was in Bucks, we never see any round these parts. Obviously nothing to do with all the farmers and many more having shotguns.

  10. If done intelligently it could provide a means of dealing with part of the “traveller” problem.

    The Establishment has no desire to be rid of hostile foreigners who loot, rape and murder English people on a regular basis. If they did, they’d be gone already.

  11. The tale that Dublin were so panicked over EU insistence on Tinker’s Rights (mainly to drink and fight in pubs) that they bribed the worst families with ferry tickets, €5000 a head and as much diesel as they could carry is a good one…

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