This is true, yes

Earmarks have been absent from Congress for a decade but both parties now support their use. Some observers say earmarks promote bipartisan co-operation.

You allow me to buy my necessary votes with the taxpayers’ money and I’ll allow you to buy your necessary votes with the taxpayers’ money. That’s bipartisan co-operation, right?”

5 thoughts on “This is true, yes”

  1. Seriously?

    Since January the democrat congress has passed spending bills with, conservatively, close to $3 trillion in earmarks to bale out blue states and cities.

  2. Not being party to the finer details of Yank politics, I read that as putting tags through the ears of congresscritters, as is done with cattle. Sounds like an eminently sensible custom & one the UK could adopt for MPs

  3. I think technically “pork” is different from “earmark”.

    The Robin Williams gag about making senators wear sponsor’s patches like F1 drivers is evergreen.

  4. People here, for some reason, think that if both parties think something is a good idea then it must be a good idea.

    Rather than when both parties think its a good idea, its the worst possible idea of all the options.

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