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This’ll help

Local newspapers have been gutted by corporate owners across the country — but the survivors are joining unions

Let’s raise costs in a dying industry…….

15 thoughts on “This’ll help”

  1. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    Per Salon: Bob Hennelly has written and reported for the Village Voice, Pacifica Radio, WNYC, CBS MoneyWatch and other outlets. He is now a reporter for the Chief-Leader, covering public unions and the civil service in New York City.

    So he’s a garden variety “labor good, business bad” lefty. And evidently a stupid one, as he’s blaming corporate newspapers for the nation’s COVID respond AND the Washington riot…

    At their core, our nation’s tragically fractured response to COVID and the insurrection of Jan. 6 are killer weeds sprung from the same root stock — mass ignorance which has gotten traction as the authentic local news business died, only partially replaced by unverified social media posts.

    This is Richard Murphy/Amanda Marcotte level analysis. Bonus? A professional writer using “gotten”.

    Per Wikipedia: The Chief-Leader is a long-established newspaper focused on civil service and local government in New York City… The weekly newspaper is known for in-depth coverage of the unions representing civil servants. Its most popular features include listings of job certifications and articles on job openings in city government. Among the many areas it covers are Firefighters, Police, Sanitation Workers, Teachers, and other public servants.

    So, evidently, the paper doesn’t exist to do reporting, it exists to facilitate entry into various bureaucracies by those seeking employment in said bureaucracies. That’s commerce, not journalism.

    Also per Wikipedia: The newspaper is owned by the Prial family and prides itself on a long tradition of independent reporting.

    So, is turning back the clock to the days when men like William Randolph Hearst controlled the public’s access to information is what you’re looking for here? Don’t we have enough of that from Zuckerberg and Dorsey?

    The funniest bit about this? He thinks unionization is going to make life better for the workforce in an industry that is in the throes of a decades long contraction.

  2. 250 job losses from a local paper?! How is there anyone left to unionise? Oh, they were massively overstaffed to start with….

  3. You’d have to be rather dim to seek a career in journalism. Making YouTubes of Adorable Puppies is surely a better bet? Or Amusing Cats?

  4. I read an article recently about government employee unions and how to tie leftists in knots. Employee unions are supposed to protect the employees from the evil employer. Since we government is the employer here, government must be evil. If government is not evil, then there is no need for unions. So the choice for the leftist becomes if government is evil, we should have less of it, or we don’t need public employee unions.

    Of course the true reason for public employee unions is the amount of grift it brings to both sides.

  5. Greenie: Ah, but it’s to protect against the *wrong* *sort* of government. Y’know, ones run by the Dems for the last six millenea.

  6. Way off topic but worth bringing to the collective attention. Goes a long way to validate Ecksy

  7. “Linked homosexuality to pedophilia”
    I don’t think the “Alliance for Freedom” did that. I think it was the FA and the scandals about homosexual predators infiltrating the catholic church and the American Boy Scouts and a number of schools and ….

    Homophobia means *fear* of homosexuals because too many of them (it may be a relatively small minority but it’s still too many) are sexual predators preying on young boys.

    The trouble with Carrie and suchlike is that they are obsessed with lying.

  8. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    Goes a long way to validate Ecksy

    Nothing can go that long a way. It’s more like he’s a pig who has found a truffle. That discovery doesn’t change the fact that he’s had his nose in the dirt most of the waking day. Nor does it in any way guarantee he’ll ever find another.

    His reaction wasn’t based on a working knowledge of the science involved… it was based on his paranoia. More Murphy than science, this one is.

  9. Theophrastus (2066)

    ‘Bonus? A professional writer using “gotten”.’
    Shakespeare uses ‘gotten’.

  10. The number of foolish young people wanting to become ‘journalists’ must have at least doubled in the last decade, while the number employed has at least halved. They all moan about low pay.

  11. I seem to recall that one of the arguments as to why Huff Po shit-canned their entire Huff Po Quebec office as part of recent restructuring was their formal (and successful) unionisation a fortnight earlier. The unions didn’t save them there, so why will it save them anywhere else?

    Modern unions are little more than a form of “graft for lefties” and have been for decades.

  12. Every possible solution except for improving the actual quality of the product. It’s self-sabotage.

  13. 250 job losses at local newspaper.

    Conjures up the image of The East Cheam Gazette having a team of middle east correspondants.

    Well, it does to me. Immediately.

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