To be unkind again

The boardroom vacuum coincides with a feud between Katharine Viner, the editor-in-chief, and Annette Thomas, the chief executive who joined GMG in March last year after two decades in academic publishing.

Two women of an age having a feud.

Wasn’t bringing women into management meant to lead to a more consensual style?

4 thoughts on “To be unkind again”

  1. Anyone who has ever seen how female dominated environments work in practice will know that ‘consensual’, ’empathetic’, ‘caring and sharing’ and ‘inclusive’ (ie all the qualities that we are told women have in abundance) are not words that could ever be used to describe them. Bigger pits of vitriol and open hatred would be hard to find.

  2. Ms Viner looks like a tranny to me. Is the other one too?

    Or if they are actually women is the point that they are “of an age” or the particular age they are at?

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