Tough times indeed

But behind these scenes of domestic joy are financial straits so dire that they can be hard to comprehend: In the year after the pandemic shut down the economy of one of the world’s richest and most expensive cities, Ms. Galán and her children have lived on $100 a week.

And, well, you know….

Undocumented immigrant – ie, wetback. The Pops of the youngest, still a baby, didn’t stick around. And she was eligible for more – the kids are American born so food stamps were due. She just didn’t get them because she missed the phone call.

And, umm, well?

No, seriously, what is due to her?

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  1. The article is headlined: ‘It’s Not Enough’. I venture to suggest it’d be much, much more than she’d get in her home country.

  2. @Julia
    I had a look through that article. Where’s she from? Mexico? Guatamala? I’m fairly up to speed on Colombia, which is probably a richer country, and yeah. The lifestyle described is about the same as where she’s come from. Although $400 a month would put you among the better off. I’d imagine, for a lot of food items, NYC would be cheaper than back home. The benefit of living in a large competitive consumer economy. I know a lot of the prices in a corner shop in a poor Colombian barrio are dearer than they are here. The markets for the products are global & that’s what sets the price. But they’re at the shit end of a crap logistics chain.

  3. The article is headlined: ‘It’s Not Enough’.

    It will never be enough.

    the kids are American born so food stamps were due. She just didn’t get them because she missed the phone call.

    Literally every time. it is always the same in the Guardian’s ‘concern porn’; the poor downtrodden victim was too thick, lazy or generally useless to get all they could have out of the system they bemoan.

  4. So having moved out of the shelter (cue Tracey Chapman) her rent in NY is $21,000 p.a.?

    Her situation seems similar to much of the multi-cultural population of London who apparently are entitled to choose to live in one of the worlds most expensive cities, largely if not entirely at taxpayer expense.

  5. What is due to her? I’d say ‘Deportation’.

    But one, I’m nasty. And two, all those countries’d never accept back all the dreck they’re cheering at having got rid of.

  6. MC, I don’t know about the US, but in the past in England, the DHSS type drones were instructed to never suggest the benefits available, only offer the ones explicitly asked for, and as most people of the ‘white, working class’ who only went on the dole when they were really desperate, didn’t have a clue of what they may be entitled to, there were a lot of people struggling. These were people who had paid into the system all their lives.

    Of course, the ethnics and ‘minorities’ or those who had just arrived or were deemed too thick or uneducated were given all sorts of support to navigate their way through the maze and have consequently bled the system dry.

  7. “Advocacy groups” should be required to outline a definitive, measurable goal and deadline in their mission statements. Have a specific amount of money you want to raise, or a number of schoolchildren you want to graduate, or Once that goal is reached, they should be dissolved and start the entire filing for 501(c)3 status all over again. Otherwise, absolutely zero government funding. If they can’t reach their goal by the deadline, then shut it down and collect the remainder of the funding. If the goal isn’t reached and it’s found that money was wasted on unnecessary advertising or overhead, then not only should that money be owed back to the government, but the board of directors should be banned from ever starting a nonprofit ever again. I’m sure at least some smidgeon of that idea is already in practice, but we need to be tougher on lobbyists.

    That way, no more “we still need to do more” complaints, and no more claims that “raising awareness” is a legitimate use of millions of taxpayer dollars. The purpose of these organizations would also be more focused, rather than getting involved in this “intersectional” shite. State your goal and what you need to accomplish it, and reach that goal. And then stop asking for any more money. End of story.

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